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Dec 19, 08

A couple of great blog posts from Jennifer Dorman about... well, making professional development work. ;)

Nov 27, 08

This is Jeff Utech's post on Seth Godin's book, Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us, which I've been planning/hoping to blog about. Jeff's focus on the need to step up and actually create a community - and his focus on the need for passion - particularly resonated with me, which I'm sure is no surprise. The book also helped me to think differently about what I want to do with my fledgeling company (and career). I'm sure when I get the chance to blog about it (or when I make the time), the resulting reflection will be valuable for me.

Oct 29, 08

I'm also late to post this - but the K12 Online Conference is in full swing! This is one of the best free online professional development experiences available and there is great work being shared. Check it out!

Sep 20, 08

Jeff responded to a comment from me and let me know that this post was links to the origin of the 25% PD figure. I'll want to cite this in the future, probably for my "Maybe You Should Drive: Taking Control of Your Own Professional Development" session at CUE if not sooner.

Sep 20, 08

I was wanting to site Jeff Utecht's old "25% PD" philosophy and my initial search turned up this representative post.

Aug 18, 08

I found this thought provoking as a professional developer - I imagine many teachers might as well.

Jan 23, 08

Steve Hargadon has organized some local workshops for educators in the San Francisco area, sponsored by wikispaces. Check it out if you're in the area... and consider hosting others if you're elsewhere.

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