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Aug 18, 08

131 slides by Garr reynolds about how to create good presentations (based on good neuro science)... and amazingly the slides don't get old! Teachers and professional developers, check this out.

Aug 09, 08

I've known about this for a long time, but finally explored it. I think I'll be using this service to spruce up my future presentation slides - and blog posts.

Oct 25, 07

Jennifer Jones continues to write things that catch my eye. Here she offers up the idea of authentic presenting. I suspect it's a concept I'll come back to...

Oct 04, 07

Jen at injenuity used a social network for a presentation. I don't totally understand the concept, but I wanted to bookmark the sample.

Oct 02, 07

When you absolutely have to present... how do you make it good and academically sound? No answers here.. just wanted to point to the discussion

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