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02 Oct 08

Walden University is committed to effecting positive social change, so it's great to see them get involved in the election: "Senators McCain and Obama have committed to answering the 14 questions young Americans choose as most important to them in The Walden University Presidential Youth Debate. Send your questions in below, and then choose the final questions on September 30th!"

28 Sep 08

Enter a topic in the search box to see what the candidates say about the topic... in their own words. Google returns only direct quotes. This is a great way to learn about the issues for the upcoming election. Share this with your students. :)

20 Sep 08

If you haven't seen it (and want to), here's a 35 minute speech from Barack Obama on his education policy. I've reviewed it in this blog before - and may post a review of this video later.

06 Sep 08

I've discussed Obama's education plan (and McCain's) on this blog before. It's about time for me to revisit those plans (and others) here. In the meantime, here's a fairly succinct article.

19 Aug 08

If you haven't seen it at the Google for Educators site already, this project is getting more attention now: "With technology producing such dramatic changes in American politics, we want to make sure it's easy for teachers to bring some of the best Internet tools into the classroom to help students get engaged."

24 Jun 08

I think this is the most important new post I've seen from the edublogosphere for a while (way to get out of the echo chamber, Will). I think this issue is central to our mission as educators today.

16 Jun 08

I'm a big Henry Jenkins fan, a big Obama fan, and a big Spock fan. What's not to like in this article. There's actually some interesting historical interpretations here, too.

09 Jun 08

from eSchool news: "Education advisors for presumptive presidential nominees John McCain (R) and Barack Obama (D) outlined the candidates' stances on key issues June 6, with both emphasizing a larger role for technology in schools."

03 May 08

Awesome! It's fun... and addresses some important points. Oh, and it's fun. ;) Thanks to Alec Couros for tweeting a link to this last night.

23 Mar 08

Dean Mattson makes a good point about how the Internet is reversing the tendency toward headlines and sound bites in news and public debate... at least for those who care to read or watch in greater depth. I think this is a profound change.

08 Feb 08

Lawrence Lessig on why he is for Barack Obama. The video is really for Democrats only at this point, and the beginning is a bit too "attacky" for me, but the end about global perceptions of this country is awesome - and critical.

22 Dec 07

I haven't even got round to watching this yet... but I will over break! I'm bookmarking it to share... and so I can restart my computer tonight.

26 Nov 07

Will offers a quick rundown of democratic presidential candidates' policies on technology in education, and reminds us this should be a major issue for the election... and that we are the ones to make it a major issue. I need to act on this...

19 Nov 07

Stanford Law professor and intellectual property expert/advocate Lawrence Lessig supports Barack Obama. That alone might be reason enough to vote for him in my book. ;)

19 Nov 07

I'm picking up a lot of posts from Geeky Mom lately. This one points to Barack Obama's new technology policy. I haven't read it in detail yet, but I'm a fan of the general approach. He may give new power to "the voice of the people."

20 Sep 07

Also via Wes Freyer. Here he discusses Barack Obama's use of Linked In to poll voters. Very cool.

06 Feb 06

This doesn't belong only in the iPod in education category... I think this is specific example of a poweful political idea... lets get our representatives using (and understanding) our technologies.

11 Nov 05

When will we get to this point? (Not that it isn't without controversy in Liberia.)

07 Mar 05

A very cool concept... relevant to open source software, and to education.

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