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27 Nov 08

Steve Hargadon, founder of Classroom 2.0, has launched another social network for educators... this one focusing on a long time passion of his, open source software in education. From his invitation to join: "I believe that having an inviting and easy-to-use social network will increase exposure, adoption, and idea-sharing around Open Source in K-12 at a time when it is truly needed (both financially and pedagogically)."

03 Jan 08

Steve argues that "the new technologies of the Web will have a greater impact in driving educational change than pedagogies" and "OSS [and Web 2.0] programs are adopted by schools when they are non-displacing."

12 Nov 07

Kevin writes about the OLPC Sugar OS... note you can download an emulator for an Intel Mac and try it yourself. It's a several step process form the looks of it, but I may try it myself.

12 Nov 07

Sabine Reljic posted a tweet about this... a new Linux distribution that focuses on integrating Google products. Very cool. I'd love to try it on one of my test machines when I get the chance.

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