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Sep 20, 08

Ted Lai helps us find images online that students and teachers have permission to use in their projects.

Aug 28, 08

Victor Guthrie, IT Director at Laguna Beach USD, just sent this to me. It looks like a cool new service - sort of like a 3D version of Animoto (without the music). Let me know if you like it - it's Windows only and I'm working on my Mac today. :(

Aug 09, 08

I've known about this for a long time, but finally explored it. I think I'll be using this service to spruce up my future presentation slides - and blog posts.

Mar 31, 08

This is exciting, and very un-Adobe. It's an online photo editing application with all the bells and whistles of a web 2.0 application. I look forward to really playing with it.

Dec 22, 07

Another resource for free (and brilliant) images. I should add this to some of my workshop wikis.

Oct 08, 07

A new twittergram feature that allows you to send images via twitter. Assign a special tag and only those flickr pics get posted. Good for conferences and other events?

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