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Nov 27, 08

Several teachers from Maine were invited to attend (or present at) the most recent Google Teacher Academy in NYC. Several drove home together and recorded a 28 minute reflection on the experience. Cool.

Oct 03, 08

I also particularly appreciated Kern Kelley's reflection about "eating his own dogfood." Somehow I missed this Google phrase in my visits to the offices. :)

Oct 02, 08

A growing list of GCTs and their blogs, twitter IDs, emails and more. These are great folks to add to your personal learning network if they're not there already. ;)

Oct 02, 08

One of my favorite GTA reflections so far (mine is still forthcoming). Chris Sloan acknowledges the scope of the project, includes a great (on many levels) example of Book search in action, and some constructive feedback for next time. Thanks, Chris

Sep 23, 08

Kevin Jarrett posted this a couple of days ago, but this link is just in time for the next GTA on the 24th!

Aug 19, 08

Cool. This is a transcript of an interview with new GCT Erica Harman in which she talks about the Google Teacher Academy.

Jun 09, 08

Teachers in the new Google Teacher Academy cohort started this wiki on their own. Cool.

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