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Aug 28, 08

This has been linked to often in the last 24 hours or so, but I want it easily accessible to my readers, too. It's the latest installment in Common Craft's excellent video series. Each video explains a technical tool in non-technical terms (with quaint but effective "paper" animation). In this case, the team explains the use of Google Reader. Cool.

Aug 18, 08

I spent some time today playing with new tools - and this is by far the greatest potential enhancement to my workflow. It helps the Good stuff in my perennially 1000+ unread items rise to the top. :)

Aug 18, 08

Google Reader now allows more control over who you share with, but unfortunately it looks like it still has to be a subset of your Google chat contacts. It would be nice to be able to add someone to reader and not chat.

Jun 06, 08

I haven't linked to much on the blog this week, but I've been sharing a lot in Google Reader (and some of it with annotations), so I thought I'd bookmark it again. ;)

May 06, 08

The new sharing and notes features on Google Reader look fantastic. It incorporates some Google Notebook features and comes closer to functionality. I need to play with it.

Dec 22, 07

This is cool. I got to see my shared items in Google Reader in action. Thanks for, uh, sharing, John.

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