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Sep 23, 08

Kevin Jarrett posted this a couple of days ago, but this link is just in time for the next GTA on the 24th!

Sep 06, 08

Via Lucy Gray. This looks like a fantastic idea, but there's only one post so far so time will tell. It's a blog for students by Google. It promises to include tips for students and to be participatory in a way as well.

Aug 19, 08

If you haven't seen it at the Google for Educators site already, this project is getting more attention now: "With technology producing such dramatic changes in American politics, we want to make sure it's easy for teachers to bring some of the best Internet tools into the classroom to help students get engaged."

Aug 09, 08

This is a new video from Google about Google Docs - for educators by educators. You might see several familiar Google Certified Teachers if you check it out. ;)

Aug 09, 08

I finally dove into the My Library feature in Google Books this week. I love it. I added most of the key books from the shelves behind me. You can search them here. (I just wish they weren't in the order I added them when you browse.) There's already teac

Aug 08, 08

Via GCT Cheryl Davis - tutorials, tips, and advice for Google Users. It's not education specific, but for the geek in you this will be good - and you might dream up novel classroom applications to boot.

Jul 24, 08

The official Blogger Buzz blog compares Blogging to writing a knol. "Blogs are great for quickly and easily getting your latest writing out to your readers, while knols are better for when you want to write an authoritative article on a single topic."

Jul 24, 08

Here's a link to the actual knol service. It'll be interesting to see if content meaningful to K12 will emerge. Perhaps students can even contribute!

Jul 19, 08

Here's the official announcement of Google Docs templates on the Google Docs blog, complete with videos!

Jul 19, 08

I'm a little behind on this, but it deserves to be here for anyone that missed it... Google Docs has templates - including ones for students and educators!

Jul 19, 08

Cheryl Davis' lessons and ideas for 21st century learning... based on Google tools, organized by subject area.

Jun 09, 08

Teachers in the new Google Teacher Academy cohort started this wiki on their own. Cool.

May 06, 08

The new sharing and notes features on Google Reader look fantastic. It incorporates some Google Notebook features and comes closer to functionality. I need to play with it.

Mar 26, 08

Google has produced a page of tips for keeping children safe online - and an accompanying video.

Jan 15, 08

Share items. Share tags (which are like categories or folders). Clear or move shared items around. Good for social learning.

Dec 22, 07

Google's explanation of their product set to compete with Wikipedia. I think wikipedia will still have an important place... and IMHO may still eclipse any attempts such as Googles, though I expect the knols will have a value as well.

Dec 02, 07

Via Chris Walsh: Jotspot will be a part of Google Sites, replacing Google Pages. Perhaps this will be part of Google Apps for Your Domain and Google Apps for Education.

Nov 12, 07

Sabine Reljic posted a tweet about this... a new Linux distribution that focuses on integrating Google products. Very cool. I'd love to try it on one of my test machines when I get the chance.

Oct 23, 07

Vicki Davis tweeted a link to this graphic which depicts how students can use various Google tools and how those tools are interrelated.

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