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Jan 29, 09

I'm very excited about this. Gmail will now use Google Gears to provide you local offline access to your mail... great for airplanes and other places you might want to work offline.

Jan 16, 09

"Google announced it will stop supporting several Web-based services, including Google Video, Google Notebook and" I suppose SearchWiki replaces notebook (to some degree), but the loss of notebook really threw Ken Shelton for a loop before his Google presentation at CLHS today.

Jan 15, 09

The poorly named "SearchWiki" feature from Google is "a way for you to customize search by re-ranking, deleting, adding, and commenting on search results." Changes appear whenever you're logged into Google... and others can see the public comments that you leave.

Dec 10, 08

"This presentation gives a great overview of the company’s overall strategy and the reasons it has become what it is today." I'm finding the book The Google Story By David A. Vise & Mark Malseed an interesting (and inspiring) read, too.

Dec 10, 08

Google books now has magazines! Thanks to GCT Jerry Crisci for the tip.

Nov 05, 08

This is sort of a pain, but I'll definitely include it in all my future RSS workshops.

Oct 02, 08

David Pogue seems to be a fan of Google. Says his latest column: "Use Google search for everything." What he really means of course, is use Google instead of any other site's built in search. I agree completely - it's what I do. Hm. Maybe Pogue will be interested in the GTA NYC...

Sep 28, 08

Behold the future: "Google Audio Indexing is a new technology from Google that allows users to better search and watch videos from various YouTube channels. It uses speech technology to find spoken words inside videos and lets the user jump to the right portion of the video where these words are spoken. " Is this why Goog411 was free? ;)

Sep 28, 08

Not to be missed: "Google's 10th birthday celebration. Check out our interactive timeline, Project 10 to the 100, and stories about how to use our products."

Sep 28, 08

Enter a topic in the search box to see what the candidates say about the topic... in their own words. Google returns only direct quotes. This is a great way to learn about the issues for the upcoming election. Share this with your students. :)

Aug 28, 08

This has been linked to often in the last 24 hours or so, but I want it easily accessible to my readers, too. It's the latest installment in Common Craft's excellent video series. Each video explains a technical tool in non-technical terms (with quaint but effective "paper" animation). In this case, the team explains the use of Google Reader. Cool.

Aug 22, 08

I'm currently leading a four day multimedia workshop for teachers. They learned Picasa and Picasa Web on day one, so I imagine some will be glad to hear about this new feature.

Aug 19, 08

If you haven't seen it at the Google for Educators site already, this project is getting more attention now: "With technology producing such dramatic changes in American politics, we want to make sure it's easy for teachers to bring some of the best Internet tools into the classroom to help students get engaged."

Aug 18, 08

Google Reader now allows more control over who you share with, but unfortunately it looks like it still has to be a subset of your Google chat contacts. It would be nice to be able to add someone to reader and not chat.

Aug 09, 08

I finally dove into the My Library feature in Google Books this week. I love it. I added most of the key books from the shelves behind me. You can search them here. (I just wish they weren't in the order I added them when you browse.) There's already teac

Aug 08, 08

Via GCT Cheryl Davis - tutorials, tips, and advice for Google Users. It's not education specific, but for the geek in you this will be good - and you might dream up novel classroom applications to boot.

Jul 24, 08

The official Blogger Buzz blog compares Blogging to writing a knol. "Blogs are great for quickly and easily getting your latest writing out to your readers, while knols are better for when you want to write an authoritative article on a single topic."

Jul 24, 08

Here's a link to the actual knol service. It'll be interesting to see if content meaningful to K12 will emerge. Perhaps students can even contribute!

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