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17 Dec 08

ISTE's Games and Simulations SIG now has a Ning: "This social network is focused on the use/design of games and simulations and how they can and are impacting both teaching and learning."

18 Aug 08

From Clark Aldrich: "we need to nurture cultures around interactivity that are independent of any technology. We need vocabulary and expectations around interactivity itself." He follows up with a 6 level taxonomy of interactivity.

10 Jul 08

I received an email about this, so I'm passing it on. This post "features an extensive look at children and the learning experiences available to them when they have the opportunity to explore a virtual world."

10 Jul 08

Larry Ferlazzo is posting his best of the year list early and asking readers to participate. He asks, "Which do you think are the Top Ten Online Learning Games Of The Year?"

17 Jun 08

The speaker list for this year's Games, Learning, Society conference looks to be the best yet. I can't believe how many of these names I know from reading their research. Wish I were going to be there.

13 Jun 08

This is an article about innovative educators who teach kids to make their own video games. Thanks to Kenneth Shelton for passing it on.

13 Jun 08

Here's a great annotated list of off the shelf games that can be used in various subject areas.

07 Jun 08

David Warlick has picked up another serious games post. He summarizes and links to a post about 26 Learning Games to Change the World on Jeff Cobb’s Mission to Learn blog.

23 May 08

Here's another new serious game: Immune Attack is an educational video game that introduces basic concepts of human immunology to high school and entry-level college students. Thanks, Clarence Fisher for the tweet.

21 May 08

This is the coolest new serious game concept I've seen in a while. Thanks to John Pederson, who tweeted about it from this year's Games, Learning, Society conference in Madison, WI.

07 May 08

A pointed post by Sylvia Martinez (and discussion in the comments) about why there will never be cutting edge video games made for educational purposes.

25 Apr 08

Christy Tucker shared a list of tools for getting started in SL and I thought they were worth passing on here.

25 Apr 08

I haven't had a chance to really dig into these yet, but Larry Ferlazzo has shared another detailed post about games in the classroom, this one focused on making games.

23 Apr 08

An article from eSchool News not unlike my own dissertation study: "Online gaming can help students develop many of the skills they'll be required to use upon leaving school, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity."

31 Mar 08

This is a "mod" of Neverwinter Nights that allows players to experience the world of William Shakespeare. It looks similar to MIT's Revolution, a mod that recreates colonial Williamsburg.

31 Mar 08

This article describes "a pilot curriculum built around a commercially available video game." Students are playing Restaurant Empire in Middle School. I hope to see more and more of this.

24 Mar 08

This looks cool: "IBM recently launched a free multiplayer online game, PowerUp, that challenges teenagers to help save the planet “Helios” from ecological disaster." Thanks to Katie WInchell at CLMS for pointing it out.

25 Feb 08

This is a report on a Teen Second Life pilot in the UK, sent to me via Mike Brusa and Claudia "Linden."

24 Feb 08

A blog that "discusses the business of online worlds." Be sure to check out their online world atlas - a collection of information on various online worlds - including many that look education friendly.

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