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Jan 29, 09

"Each edition of the Horizon Report introduces six emerging technologies or practices that are likely to enter mainstream use in learning-focused organizations within three adoption horizons over the next one to five years." This particular edition seems especially relevant to what's happening with online social media in education (including the edublogosphere and edutwitterverse for instance).

Jan 06, 09

During Macworld 2009, with the generous support of the Apple University Consortium (AUC) in Australia and Computer-Using Educators Inc. (CUE) in the US, we will be bringing you a series of podcast, and occasionally vodcast, episodes seeking to distill the educational wisdom arising from this massive expo. Be sure to participate in this by leaving audio comments - just click on the "Be A Part Of The Wisdom Button"!

Dec 19, 08

Think you have what it takes to be an Apple Distinguished Educator? Find out. Applications are open for the 2009 cohort.

Dec 17, 08

Another project from Steve Hargadon... coming soon. I'm interested...

Dec 10, 08

A massive list of educators using twitter... categorized by job role... including principals and much much more. This is a good place for a beginner to add individuals to their Personal Learning Network.

Dec 10, 08

This is awesome... attendees at Leslie Fisher's iPhone in Education workshop on Saturday all raise their iPhones for the camera. Cool shot.

Dec 10, 08

I also hadn't seen this until yesterday's workshop... it's a list of Social Networks created for educational purposes, not unlike the list of wikis at or the list of blogs at

Sep 28, 08

A brief article: "Innovations are popping up everywhere as educators find more uses for Twitter and other social media tools to cater to 21st century students."

Sep 20, 08

If you haven't seen it (and want to), here's a 35 minute speech from Barack Obama on his education policy. I've reviewed it in this blog before - and may post a review of this video later.

Sep 06, 08

Edmodo allows you to create a sort of closed social microblogging enviornment (like twitter) for students and teachers. However, for "real life" use, it's kinda lame. You have to know a person or group to publish anything. Also, for "safe" school use, it seems odd that as you type in a user name it autosuggests existing users.

Sep 06, 08

I've discussed Obama's education plan (and McCain's) on this blog before. It's about time for me to revisit those plans (and others) here. In the meantime, here's a fairly succinct article.

Aug 18, 08

This post might be a good discussion starter - even among k12 educators: "Associate Professor David Wiley, Ph.D., raised more than a few eyebrows when he informed panel members that higher education in America was 'in very real danger of becoming irreleva

Aug 18, 08

A thoughtful post from Clarence Fisher: "How can we customize the experience for each of the learners we work with and still remain sane? A lot of it revolves around the tools we use."

Jun 24, 08

I think this is the most important new post I've seen from the edublogosphere for a while (way to get out of the echo chamber, Will). I think this issue is central to our mission as educators today.

Jun 09, 08

from eSchool news: "Education advisors for presumptive presidential nominees John McCain (R) and Barack Obama (D) outlined the candidates' stances on key issues June 6, with both emphasizing a larger role for technology in schools."

May 08, 08

I talk a lot about subversive teaching. Carl Chew, a science teacher in Seattle, is walking the talk. Join Steve Dembo in giving Carl an online standing ovation!

Apr 15, 08

This is a new workshop wiki for a Document Cameras in Education workshop I'm doing in Laguna Beach. Feel free to use it (and contribute to it) as long as you give attribution and share-alike. ;)

Mar 31, 08

To save you from exhibiting the same sort of ignorance I did when asking my cousin about the name of her school, here's some information on Sojourner Truth. What a amazing (and sobering) story.

Mar 31, 08

My cousin Channa is starting a charter school in the New Orleans Recovery School District. It's a very exciting project and I wanted to share it with you all.

Mar 04, 08

This post caught my eye among the masses of unread items in my reader... and I couldn't agree more. I felt this way on school sites, and I feel this way at conferences and workshops now. I try to maximize hallway time - even online using Twitter etc.

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