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Oct 03, 08

Walden's new catalog is available online. Scroll down to (or search for) the "Educational Technology Specialization" to see the new curriculum, including an increased focus on preparing students to lead and design distance education courses. It almost makes me wish I could take some of the new courses. ;)

Jun 09, 08

from eSchool news: "Education advisors for presumptive presidential nominees John McCain (R) and Barack Obama (D) outlined the candidates' stances on key issues June 6, with both emphasizing a larger role for technology in schools."

Dec 29, 07

David Jakes advocates for a semi-permeable classroom as a step toward the permeable classroom. I actually think semi-permeable may be the goal and I usually mean semi-permeable when I say permeable classroom.

Dec 29, 07

This eduwiki is the space of the month over at Wikispaces. It's a space for educators to share resources related to teaching with educational technology, particularly web 2.0 and popular new gadgets.

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