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Dec 10, 08

Here's one more post from Rachel Coleman of Baby Signing Time... and it's one of the more brave (and moving) blog posts I've read. I'm impressed... and I'm hooked. And it's great to see these technologies (blogs & twitter) being used in such an inspiring way outside of ed tech... although I suppose Baby Signing Time videos are educational technology if anything is. :)

Dec 10, 08

Baby Signing Time is no longer on public TV... and it should be. Read all about it here, and then pass this along to anyone you think can help provide 1.5 million a year for the project. It's amazing what Rachel and her family have already put into this.

Dec 10, 08

So Clark is actually watching Baby Signing Time when I get an email saying "Rachel Coleman is following you" from Twitter. I don't make the connection right away, but click through - and sure enough, it's Rachel from Baby Signing Time! Very cool.

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