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Aug 19, 08

My new reader subscriptions and setup brought me this post - from outside the usual echo chamber. This guy's a software engineer who has worked on Learning Management Systems... and prefers his blog.

Aug 09, 08

I've known about this for a long time, but finally explored it. I think I'll be using this service to spruce up my future presentation slides - and blog posts.

Jan 04, 08

Brother James has also been blogging regularly, as a transformative practice. And he's discovered that Blogger now hosts video!

Sep 28, 07

Miguel tries his hand at answering this frequent question.

Nov 17, 05

Didn't know where to classify this, so it's in my old "blogs" category. At any rate, referes to Educational Technology and Life, Buddhist brain sizes, and Glen Philips in the last ten posts, so what is not to like?

Jun 02, 05

This entry on the Blogger News Network showed up in Google News! This means it was hand selected, by a human at Google, as a legitimate news source, a status many blogs have applied for and been denied. I presume the difference is that there are multiple

May 21, 05

Awesome... a wiki about student blogging!

Apr 01, 05

A student reaction to Anne's comments earlier this week.

Mar 31, 05

Perhaps the most important thing I've FURLed in a while.

  • An inappropriate comment has arrived on a student site. So..........  This is a teachable moment. It's definitely not a moment to shut down blogs!
Mar 20, 05

Another example of the establishment reaching out to the people via a read/write web site.

Mar 17, 05

The post doesn't follow through on the promise of the title... but what a great idea!

Feb 22, 05

This is cool. A conference for introducing 5th to 8th grade girls to technologies... inclduing blogs. Came to me on an "as it happens" Google Alert.

Feb 20, 05

Posted by Anne Davis on 10/5/04; 9:54:05 - but I wasn't on board yet... and it's always worth linking to. Ways to use weblogs in education. 'Nuff said.

Feb 20, 05

This is a good sceptical approach to blogs in education... with a focus on fostering dialog.

Feb 04, 05

Though I'm sure anyone reading my blog or FURL feeds probably reads edupodder as well, I had to FURL this because it is so cool and so closely related to the project I am working on now.

Jan 22, 05

Here is another gem - my google alerts are really starting to pay off. I think the title says it all... and it was started by a school teacher and her web master husband. :)

Jan 22, 05

WOW! This is really catching on. Like the story I FURLed earlier today about the school board trustee, this is another example of a high level elected official making themselves available to their people. What an amazing insight into the way our country's

Jan 22, 05

This story suggests an awesome level of empowerment for - and a connection between - the highest levels of an educational institution, and the people they serve. Hallelujia. BTW, this came to me from a google alert while I was working. ;)

Jan 17, 05

This looks like a balanced discussion of the good and bad of blogs as collaborative class writing spaces.

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