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Oct 29, 08

Steve Dembo is going to offer us 30 specific blogging tips in 30 days. I'll follow along... and see how much I can improve this blog.

Aug 18, 08

My new favorite blogging tool. I've had it installed for a long time, but finally fell in love with it. It's easily accessible as a firefox plugin and has a great combination of WYSIWIG features (which allow you to cut and paste a surprising amount of web

Jan 23, 08

This looks very cool, and I'm linking to Tim Lauer's post because it's easier to get the gist of it there than on the product's website.

Jan 18, 08

Jeff Utecht's video tutorials for configuring settings in wordpressmu (multi user).

Dec 16, 07

Steve Hargadon wants your comments on the 10th anniversary of blogging.

Nov 19, 07

Check out Ryan Bretag's post contemplating the death of blogging... and my comments. I'd love to hear what others think... in comments here, or on Ryan's post.

Nov 11, 07

I've felt this way about blogging lately, too. Jeff Whipple articulates it well.

Nov 10, 07

Geeky Mom points to an article about in case in which a federal judge determined that "the content of the material, not the format, to determine whether it is journalism" and that "some bloggers are without question journalists."

Oct 25, 07

Ryan Bretag expands on the "blogging begins with reading" idea... with specific suggestions for reading blogs with a class and links to many resources.

Oct 18, 07

I enjoy both race car metaphors and posts about effective blogging. Thanks, Liz.

Sep 25, 07

RR shares some "model posts" from pre-service teachers.

Sep 13, 07

Tim Stahmer is getting into Blogging in Blackboard and had some of the same reactions I did.

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