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Dec 19, 08

Think you have what it takes to be an Apple Distinguished Educator? Find out. Applications are open for the 2009 cohort.

Dec 10, 08

A very funny video (thanks to Jenith Mishne for passing it on): At the Springfield Mall, Lisa Simpson is amazed at (M)Apple products. And Comic book guy talks about the benefits of OS 4.0. She "inherits" Krusty's old miPod...

Mar 20, 05

Apple has provided a very good Educational Technology Planning Guide for schools. Looks like it would be good for presentation purposes, too.

Feb 08, 05

Whoa. I'm jealous... and yet I don't envy them the task ahead.

Jan 21, 05

This is most important because it reveals San Diego as the first location in the 2005 Vertigo Tour... but check out the mention of using iTunes like, well, iVideo.

  • "We're exploring technology where it might be possible to download the show you've just seen," says McGuinness. "We've been talking to iTunes and the folks at Apple, with whom we have a great relationship, but it's not quite there yet. We're certainly looking at it."
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