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20 Sep 08

I'm thinking about doing this in January. The end of my Ph.D. program was a bit anti-climactic. I added my credentials to my bio and cards etc, but there was no party, no vacation, no new hobby - with Clark now I don't think I'll be taking up race car driving after all... but we'll see... I did just buy my first set of golf clubs ever, though. :)

15 Apr 08

Here's an interactive web based wine-pairing guide Eva used for dinner this evening. :)

23 Jan 08

I was looking forward to this show, but it's even more well done than I hoped. They use many of Freeman's deepening and interesting techniques. It's not for the squeamish, though.

15 Jan 08

Brother James recommended this, too, and as a Dad to be, I'm intrigued: "Chopra suggests ways for parents to teach children truly spiritual values by incorporating spiritual goals into family life."

15 Jan 08

Brother James recommended this, but I haven't tried it yet: The New Man "is not the 'macho jerk,' mindlessly bullying through the world. He is also not the 'New Age wimp,' out of touch with his deepest power."

04 Jan 08

Brother James has also been blogging regularly, as a transformative practice. And he's discovered that Blogger now hosts video!

04 Jan 08

Brother James, an actor, has revamped his website to showcase video content on the front page.

16 Dec 07

Sabine Reljic shared this podcats with me via DM this morning. I'll have to check it out, but I thought others might be interested in the Geek Dad focus. :)

20 Oct 07

Miguel posted about this. I sent a message to Eva while she was shopping. She laughed so hard people stared, but she brought home the DVD!

22 Sep 07

Good advice from Liz at Successful Blog. Sit and breathe in the air a bit... when you feel like a human, get up and do something to claim this life you’re living...

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