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19 Jul 11

article on Ed Week's Quality Counts state rankings; includes data on state per pupil spending (CA is 43rd at $8852 in 2008 cf. national $11,223)

  • California ranked 43rd
  • $8,852
  • national average of $11, 223

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  • solve complex problems, work in teams, or communicate effectively
  • rely on a sophisticated set of critical thinking skills and a working understanding of economics and the scientific process
  • improved assessments

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18 Jul 11

Fisca, demo, and performance data on CA K-12 schools

27 Jun 11

More on Adams County - no test increases yet with new approach

  • Re-Inventing Schools Coalition, a nonprofit organization that helped turn around a small, struggling school district in Alaska
  • Wendy Battino
  • schools must have strong leadership and shared vision

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27 Jun 11

No grade levels, students move up when ready

  • Robert Marzano
  • The Adams 50 school district is made up of about 10,000 students, mostly from Hispanic families. About 40% are still learning English. In the last decade, as demographics began to change, standardized test scores fell, leading the district to be placed on an academic watch list
  • Standards-based learning in the Adams County School District is currently in place in kindergarten through ninth grade, and will be integrated through all high schools by 2014

  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago
  • Houston

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