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Jul 19, 11

article on Ed Week's Quality Counts state rankings; includes data on state per pupil spending (CA is 43rd at $8852 in 2008 cf. national $11,223)

  • California ranked 43rd
  • $8,852
  • national average of $11, 223

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  • solve complex problems, work in teams, or communicate effectively
  • rely on a sophisticated set of critical thinking skills and a working understanding of economics and the scientific process
  • improved assessments

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Jul 18, 11

Fisca, demo, and performance data on CA K-12 schools

Jun 27, 11

More on Adams County - no test increases yet with new approach

  • Re-Inventing Schools Coalition, a nonprofit organization that helped turn around a small, struggling school district in Alaska
  • Wendy Battino
  • schools must have strong leadership and shared vision

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Jun 27, 11

includes school info for some cities

Jun 27, 11

RISC Approach to Schooling 
Chugach School District, Alaska

Jun 27, 11

No grade levels, students move up when ready

  • Robert Marzano
  • The Adams 50 school district is made up of about 10,000 students, mostly from Hispanic families. About 40% are still learning English. In the last decade, as demographics began to change, standardized test scores fell, leading the district to be placed on an academic watch list
  • Standards-based learning in the Adams County School District is currently in place in kindergarten through ninth grade, and will be integrated through all high schools by 2014

  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago
  • Houston

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