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monica aresta

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01 Mar 12

Developing digital literacy in higher education: @GdnHigherEd live chat online tomorrow bring your sandwiches :)

12 Jul 11

RT @PLE_SOU: The link for @cristinacost and @scottw joint keynote here at #PLE_SOU

29 Apr 11

For those wanting more on teens seeing privacy as controlling meaning not access, audio of recent talk on the topic:

12 Apr 11

really like this reappropriation of "digital natives" trope

22 Mar 11

Right your Writing: How to Sharpen Your Writing and Make Your Manuscripts More Engaging (from Tomorrow's Professor)

15 Mar 11

How do institutions create & enable opportunities that promote the development of effective learning in a digital age?

11 Mar 11

Essential role of the N-terminal region of TFII-I in viability and behavior

27 Feb 11

Surely point of online learning at HE level to support flexible learning RT @dilaycock: Online study killing uni life

11 Feb 11

RT @antoesp RT @research_inform Social media: A guide 4 researchers - available to download now #dr11 #digitalresearcher

09 Feb 11

RT @gcouros The Process of Online Collaboration (Video)

27 Jan 11

RT @jaime_ribeiro: 231 livros sobre mídias sociais, comunicação e web 2.0 para download

26 Jan 11

RT @francesbell: Gd 1t RT @dajbelshaw:@helenbeetham's 'Digital Literacy and the Role of the University' lecture: //Ta

24 Jan 11

RT @andycoverdale: Special Edition of RUSC: Social Networks in Education - edited by @gsiemens & @mweller

27 Dec 10

Is it "Internet addiction" or lack of training? Attention & other 21st Century Media Literacies

27 Dec 10

Modelo de Juvenal: pão e circo

27 Dec 10

check our danah boyds research on young people's use of social media #8thTLEffat

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