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Maluvia Haseltine

Maluvia Haseltine's Public Library

  • Anyone visiting your photostream sees everything sorted by date taken by default

  • the majority of the folks living below the poverty line from West Boulevard to Eastway Drive.

  • the city's most prestigious country club.
  • most elite district, as Dilworth, Myers Park, and Eastover
  • did not formally come into being as a neighborhood until 1973

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  • WebOS client,
  • WebOS client,
  • see pcloud

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  • select your microphone and press space.

  • Restored the ClockStyle tag to allow setting  a custom font and color for clocks (issue  #276).

  • apps ran noticeably faster than the GTK2
  • One of the main problems with GTK1 was the visually unappealing non-antialised font rendering,
  • backported gtkdialog to GTK1:

  • 'xset fp rehash'.
  • 'xlsfonts'
  • This has the added benefit of being able to specify aliases for fonts in other directories.

    • As of kernel 3.4, the native CPU module is loaded automatically.
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