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  • five Attitudes
  • you hold it so that you allow that feeling to harmonise and so that you can observe that attitude and gain more clarity

  • Hildegard of Bingen
  • Gemstone JASPER
  • Hildegard’s Parsley-honeywine heart tonic

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  • Required only for practitioners without a license in mental health)
  • Completion requires attendance and participation on five group coaching calls and 50 hours of practice with Tell the Story Technique submitted on forms provided. Unlicensed practitioners will need 100 hours of practice.

  • a way to systematically clear out the difficult events in your history, no matter which issue they are contributing to currently
  • until your intensity drops to zero.
  • we would be able to understand each other and feel compassion without all of the issues in the way

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  • Peace is the omission of judgment.
  • restore adrenal function
  • she removes the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence.

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  • The key to the adrenals is SEL 23.
  • Also, the Main Central exercise is very important - would benefit you GREATLY to do this exercise every day -
  • step R1

  • touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your ring finger ( can be done with just one or both hands), or to wrap the fingers of of one hand around the ring finger of your other hand.
  • 1,Inhale through your nose for four seconds
     2,Hold your breath for seven seconds
     3,Exhale through tightly pursed lips, creating "back pressure," for eight seconds.
     4,Do this eight times, twice a day, everyday.
  • the adrenals may actually be all right, they just aren't getting signals they need to produce cortisol

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  • people with high body burdens of mercuric mercury could move mercury into the brain if they take too much methylcobalamin.
  • Methylcobalamin is the only substance in biological systems that is known to be able to methylate mercury.
  • Methylmercury can readily cross the blood-brain barrier.

  • There are many things we can do for ourselves with Jin Shin Jyutsu to help prevent adrenal fatigue. 

  • Classes in Jin Shin Jyutsu are currently offered by the following instructors:  Chus Arias, Muriel Carlton, Philomena Dooley, Wayne Hackett, Cynthia Broshi, Petra Elmendorff, Carlos Gutterres, Sara Harper, Ian Harris, Mona Harris, Jennifer Holmes, Iole Lebensztajn, Nathalie Max, Birgitta Meinhardt, Jill Marie Pasquinelli (Holden), Waltraud Riegger-Krause, Jed Schwartz, Susan Schwartz, Margareth Umeoka Serra, Michael Wenninger and Anita Willoughby.

  • The Jin Shin Jyutsu points were presented to me by both Dr. Kato and Mary as being points of the Major Central, Major Vertical, Minor Diagonal and Fatigue Flows - which I came to believe were basically the eight 'Strange Flows' (or 'Extraordinary Meridians') of acupuncture.
  • There is time for the client to feel into the tension and be open to any feelings, emotions or images that may arise.

  • Armoring is the condition that results when energy is bound by muscular contraction and does not flow through the body”(
  • character armouring
  • the sum total of typical character attitudes, which an individual develops as a blocking against their emotional excitations, resulting in rigidity in the body, and lack of emotional contact

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  • the so called Triple Warmer (i.e. the overall regulation of fluid and heat throughout the entire body),
  • and especially the adrenal glands.

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  • The most common cause of Cushing syndrome is prolonged exogenous administration of glucocorticoid hormones.
  • The most common cause of Cushing syndrome is prolonged exogenous administration of glucocorticoid hormones,
  • decreased hemoglobin (8 g%), raised total leukocyte count (12,000) with raised polymorphs (80%), abnormal liver function (SGPT-1100, SGOT 700), hyperglycemia (serum glucose 164 mg%), abnormal coagulation profile

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  • is usually protracted and measured in months to years.
  • adrenal suppression and HPA axis suppression generally resolve by ceasing topical steroid therapy,

  • My skin had become hooked on the topical steroid creams, and it was inducing the condition to worsen and slowly damage the systems in my body.”

  • physical activity effectively metabolizes the stress hormones released as a result of the activation
  • The evidence is overwhelming that there is a cumulative buildup of stress hormones.
  • We can borrow the beneficial effects (heightened awareness, mental acuity and the ability to tolerate excess pain) in order to change our emotional environment and deal productively with our fears, thoughts and potential dangers.

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  • We are 10 times more microbes than we are cells.
  • Our bacteria hold 99% of our genetic material
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