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Maluvia Haseltine

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  • even a process cannot be, unless it is observed by an intelligence

  • the Atman, the highest principle of existence
  • It has to be decided whether the universe is real in the same sense as it appears, or it has any other meaning.
  • the nature of the Absolute,—Brahman.

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  • consciousness defined by the principles constituting individuality
  • The delimited reflection of the eternal consciousness in the mind-stuff goes by the name of the Jiva.
  • Understanding, feeling and willing are the primary functions of this reflected consciousness.

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  • something that may be called the memory body, or causal body, a record of all that was thought, wanted and done.
Mar 01, 15

The causal body is finally dissolved at the fourth initiation.

  • can't enter into the process until they've already exhausted other options.
  • the card issuer must be satisfied that the claim meets the specific conditions of their chargeback scheme
  • Exhaust other options

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  • our nature, which is intrinsically pure and free from the extremes of existence and non-existence
  • Saṃsāra is a cognitive error, and recognizing the nature of saṃsāra - in addition to exhausting the conditions that sustain saṃsāra - is nirvāṇa.

  • One must not be attached to good deeds or   the idea of doing good; otherwise it is just another form of craving.
  • there is no   soul entity
  • Vipassana

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