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  • Pimsleur is a really great way to develop a good accent if you work at it.
  • you have to practice with natives, engage with the culture, learn idioms and common phrases, and consume the local media.

  • Must be mixed with any of the Acerola Cherry Combo’s, such as adding 3 tbs of the cherry mix with 1 tbs of the Lipo B Mix.
  • best used within the 3 day period.

  • As we get older, we lose subcutaneous fat, which can mask blueness below the surface of the skin
  • Retinoic acid creams thicken the outer layer of the skin to conceal shadows.

  • It simply is impossible to have “perfect posture”
  • if you can achieve the task you want to with minimal strain to your body, then that’s cool.
  • The breast bone and the pubic bone (in general) should line up vertically one on top of the other

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  • without a healthy ecosystem to support petitions, campaigns are likely to fail.
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