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  • When several single phase connections are made, these are usually balanced as much as possible by alternating the phases they are 'hung' from.
  • care should be taken to put on a balanced amount of single phase loads on all three phases in order to ensure that the overall system is balanced.
  • If there are multiple loads of any significance, they should be balanced among the phase

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  • Both three-phase and single-phase devices can be powered from a three-phase supply.
  • three-phase circuit is a combination of three single-phase circuits.
  • balanced three-phase AC circuits

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  • requires lesser amount of copper or aluminium for transferring the same amount of power as compared to single phase power
  • The size of a three phase motor is smaller than that of a single phase motor of the same rating.
  • Three phase motors are self starting as they can produce a rotating magnetic field.

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  • muscle weakness
  • overdose or excessive intake of stevia will lead to hypoglycemia and
  • weakness and difficulty walking.

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  • if you are eating stevia with another source of sugar or carbohydrate the blood sugar concerns will not be as harmful, since you are providing cells with some glucose in response to the sweet taste
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