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Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir

Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir's Public Library

Feb 02, 16

“most usability principles have more to do with human capabilities and limitations than with technology" -@NNgroup

Jan 26, 16

If tickets were CO2 then we're about to go over a red line - 350 sold. Upping our limit to 403 (

Jan 24, 16

My first ever lategram. I was so excited to meet my friend @maggadora for a coffee before class…

Jan 23, 16

The future we ordered is here.
Hér er líf mitt í hnotskurn. Eins frábært og #AmazonPrime er þá er ég með samviskubit yfir "the carbon footprint"
How does this scale? I thought Amazon was obsessively efficient.
Just pick whatever data structure joke comes first to mind.

Jan 21, 16

Women, I don't say this lightly. This is the most important post you'll ever read. You too men @pauletteperhach #fof

Jan 20, 16

"The best thing computers can do is to connect humans to one another" —@caseorganic's father in (via @oreillydesign)

Jan 19, 16

100% Hilarious UX video (starring the Friends cast!) by @bmeunier based on my #UX vs UI recliner doodle! I love it!

Jan 08, 16

“This book is a practical, easy guide to help you on your way to become a better designer, employer, developer…”

Jan 06, 16

Happy 2016! Here's the most up-to-date link roundup for Interviewing Users!

Oct 19, 15

We're shipping! Check out our Indiegogo update:

Oct 07, 15

15 UX Commandments via @HipperElement. Rules for teachers, indeed.

Oct 01, 15

Of my own blog posts, this is my favorite: "What does a random place look like?" ;) #cameacross

Sep 04, 15

You might not know you need it now, but once you download TripIt, you’ll wonder how you ever traveled without it:

Aug 27, 15

…seriously, I wish I had been at #uxadvantage to hear @mrettig give this talk:
So much that is great in here!! +1000

Aug 19, 15

Bedtime Stories for Young Brains via @nytimeswell

Aug 11, 15

Introducing the 18F Design Method cards, a collection of research and design practices to better serve users

Jul 14, 15

Great description of #agile and #leanUX approaches Jean-Phillipe Bourdain @UXMasterclass in sydney. @GfK_UX #uxmcsyd

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