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about 22 hours ago

6 best practices for giving a product critique Excerpt from @adamconnor & @aaroni

Apr 02, 15

The entire French legal code dating back to Napoleon is now on GitHub

Mar 20, 15

The #Icelandic #Pirate Party is the biggest party in #Iceland according to survey: @PiratePartyIS @birgittaj

Mar 18, 15

In patient centered design the goal isn’t data or an app it is empathy, understanding and wellbeing #HxR2015

Mar 18, 15

For those who want the slides from my keynote today I have posted them here: #intranet15

Feb 23, 15

I wish I was a fly-on-the-wall when the design team discussed this and thought it was a good idea. via @W_Goddard

Feb 07, 15

The bus has an image problem. This Danish company has a solution.

Feb 05, 15

Twitter CEO: "We suck at dealing with abuse"

Feb 04, 15

Amen: "Making Users Successful is Not a One (Wo)man Show" w/@maggadora of @MadPow at #WebVisions PDX:

Feb 03, 15

"Eighty-eight percent of American women do not get paid for a single day or a single hour after they give birth."

  • He defines the success of Maps not in how it looks, however, but in how quickly you’re able to stick your phone back into your pocket.
  • "the different teams are creating apps that hang together as recognizable ‘Googley’ apps simply by talking to each other, not by following strict design rules."
  • "the teams are independent, but there is an increasing amount of communication, camaraderie, and collaboration." Without Page’s complete organizational restructure that focused the company around seven key product divisions, some of Google’s moonshots and vibrant design concepts may never have taken off. Without the decision to create a core team of designers who would work together across product teams to keep the vision consistent, it would have all reverted to an incoherent mess
Jan 23, 15

@maggadora @kristjanbh

Jan 21, 15

"Setting the Foundation for Meaningful Critiques: Goals, Principles, Personas and Scenarios"

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