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Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir

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Sep 19, 16

Don't just be a designer. Become a user experience advocate.

Sep 19, 16

Sigurjón, hvað gerðir þú í sumar? Hitt og þetta, en aðallega þetta:

Jul 15, 16

“Sometimes feature requests are actually usability issues in disguise” by @jma245

Jul 12, 16

Good one >> "Solving All the Wrong Problems"

Jul 01, 16

A 10-year-old girl won a fellowship for PhDs to design a robot and make the sad streets of Paris happy again

Jun 22, 16

join us! #sigurrosrouteone ending with a premiere!

Jun 22, 16

"He's written a lot of books about business, they all seem to end at chapter 11," Clinton says of Trump.

Jun 22, 16

Algjörlega rólegur. Rólegri en þú.

Jun 15, 16

"If we free women, we free men."

@JoeBiden talks about violence against women at the #StateOfWomen summit:

May 11, 16

What if every child watched this! Carol Dweck on helping every child to reach their potential #mindset

Mar 15, 16

Ethical Design respects human rights, effort, & experience.

#ethics #design #technology

Mar 10, 16

'@Snowden' director @theOliverStone says he feared #NSA, so movie wasn't made in the USA

Mar 08, 16

#esjadagsins #tweet #fb

Mar 05, 16

A fun #prodmgmt comic for your day: "Can We Add a Few Features?" #prodmgmt

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