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Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir

Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir's Public Library

May 11, 16

What if every child watched this! Carol Dweck on helping every child to reach their potential #mindset

Mar 15, 16

Ethical Design respects human rights, effort, & experience.

#ethics #design #technology

Mar 10, 16

'@Snowden' director @theOliverStone says he feared #NSA, so movie wasn't made in the USA

Mar 08, 16

#esjadagsins #tweet #fb

Mar 05, 16

A fun #prodmgmt comic for your day: "Can We Add a Few Features?" #prodmgmt

Mar 01, 16

First time voting in Massachusetts! (@ Brown School in Somerville, MA)

Feb 26, 16

“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.”Revisit often for psychological hygiene:

Feb 17, 16

In ferocious response, Apple says it will fight order to unlock shooter’s iPhone

Feb 02, 16

“most usability principles have more to do with human capabilities and limitations than with technology" -@NNgroup

Jan 26, 16

If tickets were CO2 then we're about to go over a red line - 350 sold. Upping our limit to 403 (

Jan 24, 16

My first ever lategram. I was so excited to meet my friend @maggadora for a coffee before class…

Jan 23, 16

The future we ordered is here.
Hér er líf mitt í hnotskurn. Eins frábært og #AmazonPrime er þá er ég með samviskubit yfir "the carbon footprint"
How does this scale? I thought Amazon was obsessively efficient.
Just pick whatever data structure joke comes first to mind.

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