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Lennie Symes

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    • What experience would reflect how this approach has been impactful for your students?

      • Proudest moments - freshman student who had not taken freshman algebra, standard system, jumped into freshman algebra course and 3 extra years of math and is now taking calculus as a junior in high school. She would have failed in a standard classroom. Now taking an AP class as a junior. She is best off by going at her own speed. I had to give her the resources and get out of the way.
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    • What about struggling learners, how is this different than the kind of struggles they have in the traditional classroom?

      • Sometimes people only look at the top level kids, but one of the best things for low level learners, the top level aren't with them anymore, they don't have to compete with that student anymore, I can work with them one on one everyday. traditional kid fails a test, kids fail and you move on, in my classroom, the kids don't move on until they pass each assignment and test. And that would not exist in a lecture environment
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  • how role of students?

    responsibility; they need to take ownership of what they get accoomplished int he classroom

  • 8:00 anecdote

    as parent, watched child watch videos and rewind until understood material; watched other child challenged; always flew through, going deeper in the material; make students slow to understnad and gain success

  • We are looking at the zone of proximal development for every student. Really meeting students where they are. More flexibility and freedom in what we do.
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    Letting go of control, must let go, allow students to make mistakes. What does this look like for me? Look back and cringe. Deduct for late work. Grades then didn't reflect ability.
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    Increased, work one-on-one and interact more. Teaching the same thing 15 times and more meaningful. Meet them where they are. Understand their fears and strengths on a different level. Easier to speak to parents because she really knows the students.

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