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My 5th grade Ss record their reading & save as MP3, then they can listen to each other on computers! instant read aloud! #satchatwc

A1: all students in the class add to a google doc to create a class notes page. Or add as pairs. Uber notes in 1:1 clsrm #satchatwc

My Google go-tos @edtechchic @LeadEdTech @kylefcs @alicekeeler #edcampjxnMS

MT @DCulberhouse: In the end, our mind is the greatest tech tool that we have…tech enhances what our mind can imagine, create. #edcampjxnMS

A1. #satchatwc Every student in our district has GAFE access. They log in through district website.

Need for educators & students to choose own tech learning adventure. Don't wait for PD to learn how to use hardware & software #satchatwc

A1: Anything interactive and engaging. Doesn't replace the instruction, just enhances the process. #satchatwc

A1: In my opinion Google Apps are a MUST for any school nowadays #satchatwc
Mar 01, 14

« If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. »Jim Rohn

Nothing within a school has more impact on students…than the personal and professional development of teachers MacGilchrist 2004
Mar 01, 14

Thanks for the message... coaching in our schools is crucial to unlocking teacher and student potential

A5: Remind teachers that it is a means, not an end. Use of tech should always facilitate a learning objective, not other way around #satchat

iSpeech - another Chrome extension - it reads what you highlight!! #ice14 Thank you so much, @Taml17 !

"I'll bet all of you will check your email during this talk. But we get mad at our kids when they do the same." @gcouros #ICE14

If you don't know what a hashtag and twitter handle is, you are becoming illiterate. @gcouros #ice14

I like the idea @mmuir shares of moving from "Formative Assessment" to "Formative Feedback". #ICE14

RT @usabbs A1 also , try to create an assignment that involves Students working with parents on @edmodo #edmodochat
Feb 28, 14

RT @Ev_Giannopoulos: Love this #FlippedClassroom Infographic & post by @SanneBloemarts >>

Feb 28, 14

Twitter / justintarte: Great teachers help their ...

Technology skills ARE NOT the same as technology integration skills. #ICE14 Importance of instructional technology coaches and support peeps
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