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Loretta Wilson

Loretta Wilson's Public Library

Aug 24, 16

In commemoration of Constitution Day, the Law Library of Congress will host a discussion about the rights of persons living with mental illness in the United States. The event will feature board-certified forensic psychiatrist Robert Maman.

Aug 24, 16

The first day of a new school year is right around the corner! Ease back into learning mode with these social studies book offerings that will be sure to spark interest and prepare your elementary or middle schooler for another school year.

Aug 15, 16

In 2016 alone, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL, has claimed responsibility for several attacks around the world. Acts of terror in Belgium, Germany, the United States, and many other countries perpetrated by individuals pledging loyalty to the organization and its …

Jul 28, 16

“[T]he dead of the battle-field come up to us very rarely, even in dreams.” So admitted the New York Times just a month after it had reported the grisly slaughter of 3,650 Union and Confederate troops at the Battle of Antietam. On a single afternoon of hideous carnage there, more soldiers had died than at any other place, or on any other day, in American history. Yet as vividly as battlefield correspondents described the carnage, home-front readers still seemed unable to visualize the magnitude of the tragedy—or the depth of individual human sacrifice it entailed. Words seemed insufficient. “We recognize the battle-field as a reality,” the Times conceded, “but it stands as a remote one. It is like a funeral next door.”

Jul 28, 16

During the Great Depression, a top commercial portraitist took to San Francisco’s streets to experiment with representing the social devastation surrounding her. Her photos showed men sleeping on sidewalks and in parks like bundles of rags spit out by the economy. Dorothea Lange described watching from her studio windows the unemployed “drifting” past, and wanting to do something. Her “Man Beside Wheelbarrow” (1934) displays one such victim. The worker is bent up against a blank cinderblock expanse. We see only his workingman’s cap; he cannot face the light. Lange later told an interviewer that she “wanted to take a picture of a man as he stood in his world . . . a man with his head down, with his back against the wall, with his livelihood, like the wheelbarrow, overturned.” Lange’s camera eye recorded the Depression’s

Jun 25, 16

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Animate Your Classroom by Plotagon. Download Animate Your Classroom by Plotagon and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Jun 25, 16

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Jun 25, 16

Triventy is a excellent site for creating collaborative quizzes or surveys. The way this works is a user creates their own questions or customizes an existing one and then invites students to add their own. Once the quiz is started (up on a board, projector, screen etc.) a teacher can invite students via unique URL to join. Once the quiz is finished the participate get results in real-time similar to the way Kahoot works.

Jun 14, 16

Supreme Court Roundup 2015-2016   Have students choose three Supreme Court cases from the list below. For each case, they should research and report the following information: When was the case argued? What was the question argued in the case? When was the case decided What was the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the case? Which …

Jun 09, 16

Choosito is a new search engine for education that I found out about from Technology & Learning. This is a great way to search the web in a safe way as well as library resources. Best of all, all search results display a reading level which makes it similar to Nettrekker and ideal for education.

May 27, 16

The Man Who Saved a Billion Lives After World War II, many developing nations struggled to feed their people.  In places like Mexico and India, crops often failed.  Beginning in the 1950s, American scientist Norman Borlaug began to successfully innovate new, disease-resistant, high-yield crops using genetic modification.  Borlaug and his team were able to save …

May 11, 16

Google Chrome offers applications that function like software programs in the computer. With these apps you and your students can get work done more easily.

Apr 29, 16

Should the Government Regulate the Internet?   Net neutrality is the concept that internet service providers (ISP’s) ought to treat all internet traffic equally and not intercede between users and their internet destinations.  Net neutrality policies were officially implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2015.  Through this, the FCC classified the internet as …

Apr 20, 16

I created an interactive graphic to provide students and their teachers with flexible paths to learn about electing a president and the electoral college. The image was created with ThingLink. I used some of the new storytelling icons to identify different types of resources.

Apr 20, 16

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Apr 18, 16

When is Affirmative Action Justified? Affirmative Action is a policy, usually carried out by schools, businesses, government entities, and federal contractors, in which individuals of minority racial status are afforded preferential treatment on the basis of race. Affirmative action came about as part of a desire to rectify the traditional underrepresentation of minority peoples in …

Apr 13, 16

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