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May 11, 16

Google Chrome offers applications that function like software programs in the computer. With these apps you and your students can get work done more easily.

Apr 29, 16

Should the Government Regulate the Internet?   Net neutrality is the concept that internet service providers (ISP’s) ought to treat all internet traffic equally and not intercede between users and their internet destinations.  Net neutrality policies were officially implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2015.  Through this, the FCC classified the internet as …

Apr 20, 16

I created an interactive graphic to provide students and their teachers with flexible paths to learn about electing a president and the electoral college. The image was created with ThingLink. I used some of the new storytelling icons to identify different types of resources.

Apr 20, 16

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Cameraxis – Graphic design tool, Photo editor, & Creative typography generator. Download Cameraxis – Graphic design tool, Photo editor, & Creative typography generator and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Apr 18, 16

When is Affirmative Action Justified? Affirmative Action is a policy, usually carried out by schools, businesses, government entities, and federal contractors, in which individuals of minority racial status are afforded preferential treatment on the basis of race. Affirmative action came about as part of a desire to rectify the traditional underrepresentation of minority peoples in …

Apr 13, 16

The simplest solution for interactive presentations and training. Transform your slides into a real-time interactive medium. It will change your face to face presentations and your online synchronous and asynchronous communications.

Mar 18, 16

Security or Privacy: The Fight between Apple and the FBI Apple and the FBI are currently battling over the fate of an encrypted iPhone and the future of privacy rights in the United States. The controversy hinges on several complicated legal questions, and the case continues to evolve. In this eLesson, students will learn about …

Mar 16, 16

Learnteria is a new site for finding educational resources, reviews, sites, and more, that I just found out about from Tech Learning's blog. This is a great place for educators to rate and review resources as well as find a wide variety on resources such as: STEM, sites, books, etc.


Mar 10, 16

Weo is an excellent new site for mobile learning that reminds me a tad of Pinterest. The way this works is educators create a class and then can manually add students or have them join via a unique "class code" (i.e. ClassDojo), making it ideal for CIPA/COPPA compliance. Once the class is created then educators can then search for assignments and "pin" them to a board similar to the way Pinterest works. Also, they can create their own assignments if they are not finding the ones they want and assign them to a class. Finally, students can then complete their assignments online and educators can get results in assess them in real-time to help differentiate instruction.

Mar 10, 16

The Middle East is oftentimes discussed as if it were one monolithic bloc. On the contrary, the Middle East is rich in diversity with a variety of religions, ethnicities, languages, and more. These activities attempt to celebrate the diversity of the Middle East, broadening perspectives of the region and presenting the region as one that is more than conflict. The ideas below can be used to teach about the Middle East in conjunction with current events, world history, or integrated throughout the school yea
r to ensure student understanding of the region.

Mar 10, 16

Terrorism is not only a topic present in the North Carolina Essential Standards, coverage of terrorist attacks around the world consistently appear in the media. Students will continue to have questions about terrorism as our world is ever-changing. Of course, combatting terrorism is hard and uncertain, and this issue has become
extremely politicized. We need to focus on terrorism rather than Muslims in general, and remember that terrorism is not a clash of civilizations between 'the East' and 'the West,' but between the vast majority of humanity and the extremist few. The ideas below can be used to teach NC State Standards on terrorism, or can be integrated into units on current events or Islam.

Mar 08, 16

The video response and reflection app that lets teachers and parents see how students learn. Sign up for early access!

Aug 10, 15

Seesaw the wonderful free site/app (Android, iOS, etc) for students making digital portfolios has just released their biggest update so far. Students can upload photos, videos, PDFs, or even create their own digital content for their portfolio. Educators can manage, monitor, and organize student work in folders, flag items, and invite parents to view their student's work.

Here is a list of their new features in version 2.0...

Seesaw is now fully supported on iOS, Android, Chromebooks, and computers with Firefox/Chrome.
We’ve added support for Google sign in, so that older students can login with their existing Google account and access their Seesaw portfolio from anywhere.
We’ve enabled likes and comments for students so that classes can use Seesaw as a place for peer feedback and review. Teachers can choose to enable these feedback options, or keep portfolios private.

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