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Aug 10, 15

Seesaw the wonderful free site/app (Android, iOS, etc) for students making digital portfolios has just released their biggest update so far. Students can upload photos, videos, PDFs, or even create their own digital content for their portfolio. Educators can manage, monitor, and organize student work in folders, flag items, and invite parents to view their student's work.

Here is a list of their new features in version 2.0...

Seesaw is now fully supported on iOS, Android, Chromebooks, and computers with Firefox/Chrome.
We’ve added support for Google sign in, so that older students can login with their existing Google account and access their Seesaw portfolio from anywhere.
We’ve enabled likes and comments for students so that classes can use Seesaw as a place for peer feedback and review. Teachers can choose to enable these feedback options, or keep portfolios private.

Aug 10, 15

Chronicle is an amazing iPad app that helps educators harness and organize their best teaching methodologies. This is done by "chronicling" a students' data and using it in a beneficial and meaningful way. Chronicle is an all-in-one tool that teachers are using for classroom management, grading, assessing, and so much more.

Here are some of Chronicle's features...

1. Ideal for Reading and Writing Workshop conferring notes, but great for any subject
2. The ability to capture multiple pics, videos, and audio recordings within a note enables teachers to easily provide rich feedback, document student growth, share student achievements, and intervene for student needs.
3. The integrated grade book and traffic light system equip teachers with a means of formatively tracking unit goals, grades, report card descriptors, and more!
4. Many customizable features, including the option of associating any Common Core Standards with a class, if desired.

Jun 30, 15

This document is meant to guide educators or youth-workers in producing a 2-day inquiry-based hackathon. The goal is for adults to provide the framework and for students to drive the process and solve problems that are meaningful to them. The kit draws on activities from MaRS' Entrepreneurial Thinking Toolkit for Educators , best practices from TDSB teachers and Mozilla's Appmaker tool. The below schedule is based on a hackathon that ran at MaRS in October 2014 in partnership with the TDSB called EdAppHack.

Feb 11, 15

LearnZillion is a very popular site that educators all over are using to find free lesson plans and videos. What makes this such a great site is the Common Core Navigator that lets a teacher type in an area code and find all the resources, lesson plans, and videos in their area aligned to Common Core Standards.

Dec 19, 14

iPad & Laptops in schools: That Was History is an educational, history channel featuring videos about our world’s history. We discuss topics from a range of categories including Military History, World History, US History, Political History, Entertainment History and more. Join the That Was History community right now and start getting your history update, today!

Aug 27, 14

GoClass is a unique app for teaching and learning interactively within the classroom using iPads. It allows teachers to create lessons, create formative assessments, and garner student response.

Aug 27, 14

Tackk is a site I've covered before which reminds of a cross between Smore and Pinterest for education. Their educational portal allows educators to create "class" accounts where students can create their own static page and include all types of media (i.e. images, video, text, etc). This summer they've updated their project w/ some niece features for educators to help w/ Back to School such as: collaborating w/ a "stream", promoting school events w/ a widget, more lesson plans and templates, and a contest where students can win up to a $1000 for showing off what they did this summer. Some other ways Tackk is being used is for project based learning, digital portfolios, curating the web, and more.

Aug 22, 14

Make any video your lesson. Edit a video by cropping it, adding your voice or embedding questions. Then, track your students with powerful hassle-free analytics.

Aug 22, 14

Free Flashcardsfor Educators! Easy learning for students! Get started When we created, an "Open Content" flashcard website, we specifically had teachers and students in mind.

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