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Scott Jelen

Scott Jelen's Public Library

08 Jul 14

Two hundred and sixty-six people have been exonerated by DNA in the United States after spending years—sometimes decades—in prison for crimes they did not commit. More than half of these people wer...

08 Jul 14

Although many celebrities make it into the headlines for showcasing their wealth and success, nothing grabs the media’s eye more than one trying to cover their tracks.  Gossip columns live up to th...

08 Jul 14

McMartin Pre-School Sexual Abuse Case Early to Mid 1980's

28 Mar 14

An Overview of Stock, ETF, Commodity and Market Timing Blogs, Web Sites and Other Resources with a focus on Technical Analysis GIVES SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE LEVELS

17 Mar 14

Here are nine tips to help older executives, managers and professionals find employment.

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