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Linda Dougherty

Linda Dougherty's Public Library

about 21 hours ago

Every time I go into my wife’s new quilting room I think of my good buddy @tomwhitby Quilting:

about 21 hours ago

A 2015 to cite social media MT @TeachThought #AussieEd #tlchat #edtech

Bill Gates is wrong!!!!
about 21 hours ago

44 Diverse Tools To Publish Student Work #edtech

about 21 hours ago


@ljdougherty @debbiefuco new book Creative Schools

@MOedchat what change would you start with if you were king for the day in your district? #MOedchat

T's have 2 change their mindset from the way teaching was even 20 yrs ago, it's time 4 education 2 change 2 meet the needs of Ss. #moedchat

Our job everyday is to grab one more colleague crazy enough to be the change that we imagine. #MOedchat

Accelerate change by investing in your own people to lead. Empowered, shared leadership. #moedchat

A2 : stick our necks out a bit, be willing to the change we want to see, right? #MOedchat

A2: How to accelerate school change? -Start slow -Celebrate success -Demand all be learners -Make failure ok -Start w end in mind #moedchat

A1: What's an educational nudge? Think of it as an invitation to the deep end with the support to know you won't drown down there. #moedchat

@MOedchat Q1 is What is an educational nudge? #MOedchat

Q2: How can we accelerate change in schools? #moedchat
Apr 24, 15

Smiles all around! #METC15

@ljdougherty @JenniferFox13 Hey, girls, great to see you! #moedhchat

A3: @TBHSHLPDSK Troy MO HS students presnting Digi Citizen Present for grades 4-8. #digitalcitizen #tlchat
Apr 18, 15

@ljdougherty @julnilsmith #proudtober3 #digitalcitzen

"Successful People vs. Unsuccessful People" ~ A reallly great #infographic on #leadership.
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