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Linda Dougherty

Linda Dougherty's Public Library

Aug 22, 16

If you're interested in collecting school supplied for those affected by the #laflood, check this out:

Aug 13, 16

@MhornkohKim @ljdougherty So proud of you two for moving library into collaboration heaven! You rock! #LionPride

Aug 08, 16

Because life shouldn’t stop when your phone storage does. #PhotosForLife

Aug 06, 16

Follow @breakoutEDU for links and ideas. DM me if you would like @MASLOnline 2016 presentation #spslib #swrasl

Aug 05, 16

Take Three! 55 Digital Tools and Apps for Formative Assessment Success:

Aug 04, 16

Seen the new #ISTEStandards for Students? Check them out here before tonight's #FLedChat!

Aug 04, 16

Those are @BlueSkunkBlog's words in an image I created. Makes me happy to see it in the world. :)

Aug 04, 16

Apps open for next #google innovator academy in Toronto Oct 5-7. Deadline is Aug 30. #tlchat #istelib #4csla

Aug 04, 16

New graphic w/crowdsourced list - Top 10 Things Your Librarian Can Do For You! #tlchat

Aug 04, 16

{New Post} Your Librarian Can… with awesome graphic free for you to use! #tlchat

Jul 18, 16

2 minute TUTORIAL: Every person who has Google Chrome NEEDS the Extensity makes browser faster & everything EASIER

Jul 18, 16

A good storyteller can captivate you for hours! Are you a good storyteller? Find out more here: (via @FastCoCreate)

Jul 18, 16

Stay OUT of the Teacher's Lounge!
5 Ways to Reflect,
& NOT Regret, Teaching!
#EdChat #TLChat

Jul 17, 16

Making an animated GIF is easier than you think with these apps via @DigitalTrends

Jun 29, 16

Glad MO is a #futureready state now we need to #goOpen #istelib #moedchat resource:

Jun 29, 16

All of My #ISTE16 Presentations and Resources #NotAtISTE16 #GAFE #googleedu

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