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Linda Dougherty

Linda Dougherty's Public Library

@DavidGeurin @KeriSkeeters @ChrisHubbuch I see some google forms in the future:) #moedchat

What if your teacher work room looked like this? #moedchat

Sincerely love the #whatifs tonite but realistically what do we do to turn that into #wedo #moedchat

RT @KeelieStucker: What if every student felt connected to at least one adult in our building. #moedchat

Love this #whatif RT @wmchamberlain: #whatif schools focused more on community building than testing? #moedchat

What if we built trust for social media instead of locking it all down? #moedchat

@dayankee can I favorite this twice? #moedchat

RT @cyberteacher So the Q1,then A1,format we usually have on #MOedchat is out the window tonight, we are sharing big ideas #WhatIf #moedchat
18 Apr 14

Thx to @ljdougherty 4 shring! How a District Ended Student Dropouts with Personalized Learning #edtech via @EdSurge

Awesome pic and so true! RT @Dackerman6940: #moedchat
16 Apr 14

Thanks Kristin Fontichiaro @activelearning Love it! Canva: Design for Non-Designers @scoopit #tlchat #maslsc14

#maslsc14 #makerspaces Rule 1 know your purpose R2 open sourcing R3 partner w/others

@NorthwestRISD representing at #edcampJC!!! @cskiles80 sharing the awesome work on @ljdougherty! Go Lion Pride!!!

We need an edcamp for parents #edcampjc

Thank you for joining #moedchat, chat on Transforming with GAFE it was the fastest hour of my life I love learning with you all #moedchat
11 Apr 14

You all might want to check out Google Groups too w/ #GAFE #moedchat

Q6: Using #GAFE provides Ts with the opportunity to be connected to Ss 24/7. How do you maintain balance? #moedchat

@stjtechtools @stjwesterman This is a cool rubric grader. I checked it out but have never used it in class. #moedchat

@tomtalksmiddle What type of training opportunities do you provide? #moedchat
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