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Linda Dougherty

Linda Dougherty's Public Library

@ljdougherty what app did use for the rollercoaster on google cardboard. Mine just arrived!

Google Boot Camp today at Northwest! A lot of great ideas and a lot of learning!!
Jul 26, 15

@cbhorn1 @DoreanD @gracegreen102 @ljdougherty @Dobbsrk @kristalenzen @cskiles80 @AnthonyPartin

How to use #GoogleDrive 's Notepad. Great for #html5 editing and #webdesign #GAFE #gafesummit #ntchat
Jul 20, 15

K-12 ePortfolios with GoogleApps #GAFE #googleedu #txed #r10tech #edtech

Jul 20, 15

Best Websites for Teaching & Learning 2015 by @AASL
feat. @MyStorybookKids

BIG THANKS to @catlett1 for his leadership & ENERGY/FUN taking us thru #GAFE. TY EVERYONE for being here--Connectedness matters. #MOedchat
Jul 17, 15

Have you seen Google Newspaper? I learned of this at #gafesummit via @lisegaluga #moedchat #aftermoedchatparty

If you came to the MO #gafesummit last weekend or not and you didn't get enough...keep your eyes and ears peeled! More soon! #moedchat

A6: Going to use for permission slips and conference sign ups using the ChoiceEliminator Add on. #moedchat

A great add-on for your spreadsheet for Form results is Super Quiz. #moedchat

@K_Schnettgoecke Thanks for sharing. @MickhL take a look at this. May be helpful for LA. #pcr3pd #moedchat

A6: Our athletic dept loves Google forms to manage their team info including evaluation. #moedchat

Q6b: Could students create Google Forms? Have you tried this? What did they create it for? Examples to share? #moedchat

Q6: What ways has Google Forms impacted how your class / school / district gathers information? #moedchat

Q6a: What is your favorite add-on that goes with Google Forms? #moedchat

A5 Working on research papers in ELA write one right alongside Ss in Google Docs. Ss love seeing their T work w/ them! #moedchat

AACK! Too much frantic activity on #moedchat This laid-back Hawaii gal can'd keep up! @catlett1 ☺

Actually 3 Q6’s coming up! #moedchat and a little assignment / pop quiz! #staytuned
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