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Lia Hadley

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Apr 15, 15

"Story, Imagery, & the Art of 21st Century Presentation: Garr Reynolds at TEDxKyoto"

can us instead of Death By Powepoint

his own personal history as a presenter:
in highschool he used to take photos with his analog camera and then make slideshows using a slide projector and slides
powerpoint has slides as well but most people make the mistake and fill up each slide with text and figures
this makes us all go to sleep

his suggestions... go back in time to when we were all storytellers and see the past as our future. It is known, cognitive science and economics, that we learn more through a good story than a information-packed graph.

You do not have to use multimedia in presentation (see Sir Robinson does not), but if you do use it well strart learning how to do this using TED Talks).

Apr 14, 15

maybe we can use this also in MD1? gives a very brief outline of 2 hour presentation. Point 1 which problem, Point which drawings Point 3 which people

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