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Drew Rose

Drew Rose's Public Library

Feb 01, 16

Switzerland is set to vote on a proposal that wants to pay everyone 2,500 Swiss francs (£1,700) a month regardless of whether people are working or not. If the plans go through, it will become the first country in the world to provide a basic unconditional monthly income, and they are already the first country to vote on the matter.  The idea, which has been put forward by a group of intellectuals who insist people will still want to work and get jobs, has not received positive interest from either left and right sided politicians. 

Jan 31, 16

Discover what it means to become an autodidact. Do you enjoy teaching yourself? If so, you need to read these books on self-education. They will rock your world.

Jan 31, 16

No Excuse List is the best place on the web to learn anything, free. We have curated the best resources on the web to teach you anything that you want. Click a link and get started!

Jan 31, 16

Learn how to play piano. Interactive lessons on music theory and notation.

Jan 31, 16

Learning Speed is vital to performance In today's work environment. Here are 3 hacks to help you speed up your learning pace.

Jan 31, 16

Stefanie Flaxman provides 15 steps that successful editors use to transform basic text into powerful stories (across all media) that persuade people to take action.

Jan 31, 16

Editor-in-Chief Stefanie Flaxman demonstrates how you can use your editing skills to become a discerning content marketer.

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