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Leon Rogers

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Apr 24, 12

Dim conn As New OleDbConnection(connectionString)

  • While wireless network management is a major time sink for college and university network administrators and a rich target of product development for multiple vendors, the wired network and its underpinnings--such as switches and cabling--are still required to keep the wireless infrastructure running. The final word on managing that physical network hasn't been written yet. Schools are still making improvements for how they do that and sorting out what's best to move to wireless and what should remain on the wire.
  • While the institution's administrative and academic operations are still predominantly wired, a couple of years ago the campus crossed the 50-50 split for residential users using wireless network access instead of plugging an Ethernet cable into their computer or other device.
  • In fact, he added, IT anticipates a "small resurgence" in the use of wired connections as it promotes the idea among users that fixed devices--such as smart televisions--should ideally use a wired connection for optimal performance and in order to free up the wireless network for mobile usage.

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