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Leon Kehoe

Leon Kehoe's Public Library

Apr 28, 15

We manufacture three piece wheels in high grade aluminium.

Apr 21, 15

Tips from the Lifehacker community for cleaning stainless steel. For me, this one stood out:

"I clean stainless steel vault doors and safe deposit boxes as part of my job, we use the liquid BarKeepers Friend on the rust, but after using than then neutralize it with fantastik, wipe it down and then hit it with an oil spray. BKF has an acid in it that will keep eating away at your steel. And the powder is an unmanageable mess, always use the liquid."

Apr 13, 15

Design and publish beautiful, fit for purpose, maps.

Apr 08, 15

A stripped down version of the standard suite of Google Apps installed on an Android device.

Apr 02, 15

Free, independent and confidential information, resources and counselling on a wide range of work, family and personal issues for BBC staff.

Apr 02, 15

Lookup login IDs, asset numbers, email addresses and more.

Apr 02, 15

Ringmain Provides BBC staff with real time, off-air access to Radio and TV services through their browser.

Apr 02, 15

Access to BBC email when away from the office.

Apr 02, 15

Ideal for use on weather strips, mouldings, trim, rubber doors & window seals to protect against hardening and cracking.

Apr 02, 15

Castrol React SRF Racing brake fluid is a high performance brake fluid.

Apr 02, 15

ReNamer is a very powerful and flexible file renaming tool.

Apr 02, 15

Clementine is a multi-platform music player.

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