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  • Each side will insist they won. Some facts will be checked, and others will not, and viewers desperately need the moderator to maintain a firm grip on reality, as Trump insists on living in his own dystopian fantasy world. Though veteran debate moderator and journalist Bob Schieffer warns, “Nobody goes to a ballgame to watch the umpire,” we need someone to clearly call out the balls and strikes. And when it comes to racism in America, we need courage and clarity about what racism is and how the candidates plan to address it.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow is essentially the Fonzie of the Pirates Of The Caribbean films: the swaggering, one-note flavor character who proved to be the series’ most popular element, and quickly took over. That’s more obvious than ever in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the first installment without director Gore Verbinski or romantic leads Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley: The whole story now rests awkwardly on Sparrow’s narrow shoulders. Stranger Tides eventually produces a substitute naïve, romantic hero and a star-crossed love interest, but that’s a late-film development, and a minor subplot among many others. For the most part, Sparrow (Johnny Depp) swishes, swans, and swashbuckles through the center of the story, trying to fill all the narrative roles himself, which means he’s by turns cowardly and bold, selfish and self-sacrificing, an egotistical monomaniac and a tenderhearted softie. It’s like watching a one-man show where the roles keep changing.


  • Mr. Gigot tried again: “But you said you don’t like the big deals, so you like bilaterals. But is there an example of one that the U.S. has negotiated or signed that you like in recent history?”

    Mr. Trump: “No.”

    Mr. Gigot: “The Colombia deal, the Korea deal, the Australia deal?”

    Mr. Trump: “No, I don’t like any of them. I think we’re bad negotiators.”

    It’s pretty much impossible to be a “100% free-trader” and not support any trade liberalizing agreement.

  • He's not a big Trump fan as far as I can tell.  I don't know why he's so hung up on whether Obama cast the magic evil Muslim banishment spell precisely or not.
  • I think the fact checking should be done in a fashion most comfrtable to the candidates. If any of Hillary's statements are questioned, FBI Director Comey should be there to attest to their truthfulness in the most damning terms possible. And if Trum's answers should be suspect, Vince McMahon should be there to bash him over the head with a folding metal chair.

  • Three penalties - 30 seconds for a half truth, 60 seconds for a falsehood, 2 full minutes for a pants-on-fire.

    One challenge per half hour.  If a challenge stands, the winner gets that extra time on any answer they choose to use it. For example, Trump challenges a statement Hillary made. The fact checkers show that what Hillary said was false, but not a lie. Trump gets 60 seconds extra on an answer he chooses. Or, the fact checkers show that what Hillary said was true - Hillary gets an extra 60 seconds.

    Obviously, there are a couple holes in this method (e.g. last answer of the night can be a flat-out lie), but you get the idea. A candidate could literally lose the election because of lopsided answer time with the knowledge it's because of untruths. Doing nothing is not an option anymore in my opinion.
  • And let's not forget that this was the most literal definition of "fact" check possible.  This wasn't a dispute an opinion like "which color is best" or a theory like "voodoo economics creates jobs" - this was a basic literal fact: did Obama say "act of terror" in the Rose Garden on September 12th?

    If you're not going to allow the moderators to respond to a request from one of the candidates to verify basic historical records, then we put up a projector screen in between the two candidates and allow them to set up teams of interns ready to play back video proving their opponent is lying.
  • To be a fair fact-checking moderator, Crowley would have added that Obama twice used the phrase "acts of terror" after the attacks but would not characterize them as terrorist attacks when asked directly if they were. Also that he sent his U.N. ambassador out several days later to blame the attacks on an internet video.

    See, fact checking is not so simple. Crowley seemed to take sides in an argument.

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  • what's the Candy Crowley thing? she correctly corrected Romney on his claim that Obama didn't refer to the Benghazi incident as an "act of terror" in his Rose Garden speech the day after. the transcript shows that he did.

    She wasn't supposed to interject in the narrative. She was supposed to say "Time's up, fartbongo!"
  • How is that only "half true"?

    Claim: He didn't say these words until 14 days after the attack.
    Reality: He said it immediately after.
    Rating: Well, sure, that claim is false, but Obama said other words during those 14 days and probably slept a couple times, so Romney is mostly right.
  • It was rated half true in that, what he said was 100% true, but Politifact needed to seem fair and balanced, so they made up some bullshiat qualifier.

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  • Yes. Call her Madame President.
  • Man, he can't even do his own shtick right.
    Instead of lying,  I'd have said. " I opened negotiations with him,  and you know that I get the best deals.  I'm a deal maker. That's what I do."
  • You have relieved all concerns that I had held regarding Mr. Trump's chances of being elected as President of Mexico.

  • An old-time political hand in D.C., whom I know and who has advised and worked on many campaigns, is utterly convinced that the exchange was a setup of Romney by the Obama campaign and Crowley.

  • I’m trying to recall when authorities admitted that a male cop fired out of unreasoning fear.

  • The results are, sadly, not surprising. … To have any semblance of fairness, PolitiFact should play it 50/50 and present an equal number of lies from both sides. They clearly are not concerned with any pretense.

  • I mean, this would be like saying that if a teacher is fair, she has to give every student the same number of demerits without considering that some students might be tardy more often than other students. Isn’t that sort of thing generally something conservatives oppose?
  • They also unfairly tarnish Michele Bachmann as a liar, when anybody who follows her already understands that many of her statements aren’t meant to be truthful in the first place — she simply says what she feels.

    And this would be why I can’t trust sites like CFC. Bachmann’s not a liar because we shouldn’t expect her to tell the truth in the first place? What?

  • Note that both times women have moderated a Presidential debate they have been "town hall" style debates rather than the more traditional forum. The moderator of a town hall debate is supposed to be more or less a complete wallflower and it kind of offends me that both times women have done the moderation they get pawned off on these town halls.
  • I don't necessarily believe in the whole 11 dimension chess of Obama's campaigning theory... but signing the Memo of Understanding with Romney seems like a great move (whether or not they agree with it -- which I think they, sadly, probably do, but I don't know) -- it increases the chances that Crowley ups the follow-ups (which is good if/when Romney evades all over the place) and if Romney's campaign complains about Crowley's follow-ups being against the rules, they can say "Look, we agree with you - sorry chumps."
  • I don't know why there has to be a moderator. Just put them both up there and let 'em go at it. It'd make much more interesting TV... but probably hasten the end of the republic.

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  • Expectations: Higher income individuals may have higher projected future liabilities for their new child vs. a lower income individual. That high income individual may be thinking about college, post-graduate work, private schooling -- and they may be thinking about putting money aside for their child. The present value of those future liabilities may be "added" to the direct cost for having a child


  • Employers are notorious for claiming that they can’t find workers to do the job at any price. But when the occupational or industry data is examined to back up their claims, it is never found.


    “The restaurant industry also found itself impacted by the new laws, especially when it came to finding workers willing to work long hours in the kitchen or as dishwashers or in similar positions.”


    Show the occupational wage data that backs up this claim of rising wages but falling employment. Show me the data.

  • I ask him if Trump is a racist, and he turns pained. “I want to chose my words carefully. He isn’t a racist, but a realist. It is easy for folks who live in wealthy neighborhoods to say they will accept any neighbor of any color. Who wouldn’t want to have a doctor or lawyer move next door, regardless of if they are black or white? But that isn’t who is moving into our neighborhood. It is mostly people without jobs, on assistance, and mostly African Americans from the projects, and it is sending our crime higher and our house prices lower. I think folks in rich neighborhoods wouldn’t want that either.”


  • After the third scheduled debate, and the second one that was nothing more than Clinton giving a monologue on how Trump cannot be trusted to take on ISIS if he can't even muster up the courage to face a Clinton in person.
  • Don't you love the grumbling, grumpy tones of these "Clinton was right" articles from CNN? It's like, "Okay, OKAY, okay, maybe the Pam Bondi bribe is a thing. You happy now?"

    "But you just reported Bondi's denial, not the actual material of the complaint, and you buried the reasons for the complaint in the second half of the--"


  • She sat I front of a congressional hearing for 8 hours with people actually TRYING to trip her up and make her lose her cool and she didn't.

    you do realize that was a staged event to make her LOOK Presidential, right? That all of the questions and answers were scripted ( and repeated countlessly )

  • So the entire House GOP is in Hillary's pocket?

    That would allow her to be a very effective president. Sounds like she is an even better candidate than I thought.

    She's an unstoppable omniscient puppetmaster who for some reason would be a terrible president.
  • For some reason, I'm reminded of the George Carlin bit whenever people talk about how "unfairly" Trump is treated.
    [paraphrasing for length]
    "People always say 'it's the quiet ones you gotta watch out for.' Say you're in a bar and there's someone at the end of the bar, having his drink and minding his own business while another bangs a machete on the bar and screams 'I'LL KILL THE NEXT MOTHERfarkER THAT WALKS THROUGH THAT DOOR!!'...who ya gonna watch?"

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  • But did you guys hear about how Hillary set up a private email server?



  • Donald's charity heard that his university was going to be investigated, and handed her money to say "don't look into it, okay?" She said, correctly, that when the charity handed her money, Trump, personally, was not currently under investigation. She is correct.

    Yeah, I was aware they'd try to pull that tactic.  But my inner lawyer doesn't want them to get away with it.

    So I'm making sure the jury heard that she was publicly considering an investigation prior to receiving the money, even if no such investigation was actually taking place.
  • Poor Pam Bondi. How is she going to protect traditional marriage from all the icky gays if she's in jail?

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  • "American Thinker" is one of those ironic names, right? Like when you call the fat guy "Tiny" or the slutty, trashy, bad girl "Angel"?
  • Live mikes have a liberal bias. That's why Trump is always shouting. So loud, believe me folks.
  • If the debates were truly unbiased they would invite both major party candidates instead of just Clinton and some whackjob shill for her to tear down.  Of course she's going to "win" a debate against the village idiot.  See how she fares against a real candidate like Gary Johnson, otherwise why bother even watching?

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  • It's very telling that American Stinker is the primary source of Trump-favorable news coverage lately.
  • So...the RNC is chock full of Liberals now?

    Good to know. The conversion is nearly komplete, Comrades. We have taken the means of production, and only these last few holdouts remain, our Glorious Revolution has worked beyond our wildest dreams...
  • From what I 'gather', there are 'people' on the 'commission' who aren't 'totally committed' to the 'hard right' ideology of the 'Republican' 'party' and don't 'pass' the 'No RINO' test of the 'American' 'Thinker'.

    I am 'OK' with this.

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