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Jan 02, 16

IT WAS a shocking disclosure that made headlines around the world. An American intelligence professional revealed the existence of a secret American bureau, which obtained, decoded and read the private messages of nearly 20 foreign governments. He d…

Dec 16, 15

Negotiations are difficult by nature. Managing negotiations between 195 countries in order to arrive at a legally binding agreement, on the other hand, is nearly impossible. This was the problem that United Nations officials faced over two weeks at …

Dec 12, 15

ANKS failed, unemployment soared, house prices slumped and American politics was transformed by the emergence of the Tea Party. Given the drama created by the 2007/08 financial crisis, one might have expected it to play a bigger role in popular cult…

Dec 08, 15

Source: A Chinese artist vacuumed up Beijing’s smog for 100 days and made a brick from what he collected – Quartz

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Nov 28, 15

Imagine you are some deity about to create a new universe from scratch, including all of its stars and planets, mountains and oceans, plants and animals. You’ll probably start with a handful of subatomic particles, a sprinkling of energy, and give i…

Nov 21, 15

I don’t play games. The last ‘sophisticated’ computer game I played was Doom® in one of its last century/millenium versions. When I say ‘played’ I mean being kind of hooked to the game, dedicating time to it every day. We barely played at any so-cal…

Nov 08, 15

One of the curious things about social networks is the way that some messages, pictures, or ideas can spread like wildfire while others that seem just as catchy or interesting barely register at all. The content itself cannot be the source of this d…

Oct 27, 15

Originally posted on ius naufragii:

Se podía ir a los restaurantes y ordenar comida, pero no se podía comer allí.

Gloria Richardson sobre la situación en
Cambridge (Maryland) a principios de los 60.

Gloria Richardson aparta la bayoneta de un Gua…

Oct 11, 15

Originally posted on Collaborative-multiauthors-multiculture Education:



How-To Manage The Mass Of Information WE Encounter Each Day?

When WE use Social-Media, especially Twitter, lots of users know already about a PLN (Personal [Professional…

Sep 05, 15

Sometimes envisioning a life without cars is just as simple as doing it.

Source: Belgian Streets Got Rid Of Cars And Turned Into Beautiful Parks This Summer | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

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Aug 09, 15

Originally posted on TIME:

One scene shared by all of the 20th century’s bloodiest conflicts might have been lifted straight from The Road Warrior, or a Beckett play: spectral landscape; buildings obliterated; blasted trees; lifeless wasteland. The…

Aug 09, 15

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

[tc_contributor_byline slug=”vineet-c-nambiar”]

There is hardly a day that passes without a new major initiative, announcement or bold proclamation by the Gulf economies of United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar…

Aug 09, 15

FOR decades, policy makers have treated poverty as a sign of helplessness and ineptitude. The worse off the neighborhood — the higher the rate of poverty, crime, and juvenile delinquency — the less influence it would have over its future. Social ser…

Aug 08, 15

Originally posted on TIME:

The sad destiny of countless great photographs is that, as the decades pass, the pictures are increasingly in danger of losing their ability to stun, shock, inspire, delight. In short, to move us. We’ve seen them reproduc…

Aug 01, 15

In the 1993 movie “Falling Down,” Michael Douglas plays an angry white man whose midlife crisis has him nearly foaming at the mouth. Appalled by a brutal traffic jam and disorienting changes in his world, he flips out in a Korean liquor store, tangl…

Jul 17, 15

Originally posted on The Overspill: when there's more that I want to say:

The Thomson Reuters newsroom. Note papers stacked all over the place. No idea if journalists and developers “sit together” here – but I’d bet they don’t. Photo by Targuman on…

Jun 07, 15

A recent Pew Research Center poll shows that 93 percent of the public believes that “being in control of who can get information about them is important,” and yet the amount of information we generate online has exploded and we seldom know where it …

May 30, 15

British ophthalmologist Andrew Bastawrous moved his family from London to Kenya in 2013 with $150,000 of equipment, a team of 15 people and an ambitious goal: to understand the causes of blindness in rural Africa. It didn’t take long before he encou…

May 14, 15

Originally posted on Flexibility Enables Learning:

There is a growing need for today?s pre-service teachers to be equipped with skills and competencies for blended, online, and technology-rich teaching and learning environments. As teaching candida…

May 14, 15

Originally posted on Quartz:

It’s been a year since the EU’s Court of Justice ruled that Google and other search engines must give Europeans the ability to request that information about them be removed from search results. According to Google, the…

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