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  • Statement-based replication.   First, the triggers that exist on a master must be re-created  on the slave server.

  • Performance tanked once physical RAM was exceeded. Memory started being paged to disk as a way to free up memory for hotter data to be brought into memory. But disks are slow for random access, and the whole system slowed down to disk speed. Queries became slow, which caused a backlog of operations as more and more queries stacked up, which caused even more paging to occur, which brought the site down.
  • MongoDB has a compaction feature, which was turned on, but compaction was slow because of the size of the data and because EC2's network disk storage, EBS, is relatively slow
    • shard: a subset of a data set that is stored and accessed on a particular node. 
    • sharding: the process of creating and managing shards to properly match data size to resource usage and availability. Resources can include: CPU, memory, disk, network, performance and reliability. 

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Dec 17, 14

Spock Proxy supports range-based horizontal paritioning of a large MySQL database. The proxy intercepts SQL queries from the client, sends queries to the correct databases based on how the database is partitioned, then aggregates the results from each database and returns them to the client as a regular MySQL result set.

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