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  • Over a century ago, Du Bois founded a field of sociology that demands that we hold up for examination hard truths about racism and that forces one to separate myth from reality. He uncovered the ways in which the “white” West dominated people of color globally.  His scholarship set out to prove all races were equal and that race was “socially constructed.” Gleaning how racial oppression operated, Du Bois set out to do nothing less that produce an academic and public sociology that sought to further social justice. As he observed: “I do not laugh. I am quite straight-faced as I ask soberly: ‘But what on earth is whiteness that one should so desire it?’ Then always, somehow, some way, silently but clearly, I am given to understand that whiteness is the ownership of the earth forever and ever, Amen!”

  • “You have to understand, that no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”


    – Warsan Shire, Somali-British poet

  • more than 59 million people are forcibly displaced across the globe; 20 million are refugees.
  • Military conflict in Colombia, Pakistan, Ukraine and different parts of Africa have forced millions more to leave their homes, as have the systematic human rights abuses of various dictatorships from Eritrea to Myanmar.

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  • range-Osceola Chief Judge Frederick Lauten announced Wednesday that he will quash more than 21,000 arrest orders for people who failed to appear at collections court, ending the long-standing practice of jailing the defendants when they are located.

  • Given the central objective of preserving U.S. global hegemony, its “preeminence in the global system,” the CFR study group concludes that the “principal task that confronts U.S. grand strategy today…is adapting to the fundamental challenge posed by China’s continuing rise.”24 Calling Washington’s current policy “integration”—trying to bring Beijing into the liberal international world order—a failure, the study group proposes to replace “integration” with what they call “balancing.”25
    • the current U.S. edge in military power should be strengthened by “substantially” increasing Washington’s military budget while maintaining the existing dominance of the United States over China in nuclear arms, drones, and undersea warfare. The United States should also reform the military’s force design to blunt China’s military advances and accelerate U.S. ballistic missile defense posture and network in the Pacific Ocean.30 Washington should also employ more aggressive military tactics, including taking the following steps:

      • “reiterate its insistence on freedom of navigation and overflight, including in exclusive economic zones, for military as well as civilian ships and planes, and challenge Beijing appropriately if those norms are violated.”
      • “intensify a consistent U.S. naval and air presence in the South and East China Seas.”
      • “increase the frequency and duration of naval exercises with South China Sea littoral states.”31
  • Third, Washington should end its “passivity” and institute a get-tough approach with regard to China’s “incessant cyber-attacks.” Recommended measures include a tariff on Chinese goods, as well as better cyber defenses and imposing a policy of “equivalence” through an increase in U.S. cyber offense capabilities and actions.32

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  • Human activity is pushing marine life to the brink of collapse, warned a leading international conservation group
  • overfishing, destruction of marine habitats, and climate change has led to the loss of almost half the world's marine mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish within a single generation.
  • World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

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  • We have the demand for race and equity teams that I think connects so importantly with the Black Lives Matter movement, that’s demanding not—we don’t just want not to be shot down in the streets by unaccountable police. When we say Black Lives Matter, we also mean that we want a rich and fulfilling life and access to education. And I think that that demand connects with so many of the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement, also the fight for a living wage. That’s what our union is doing. And we hope to raise the bar of wages in Seattle for all workers. I think that this fight is also a fight for women’s rights, because we have a majority female profession. And I think that it’s important that we get equal pay for this majority female profession. And so, I think that our movement is really connecting with some of the most important social movements, and we’re just going to gain strength as the strike goes on.

  • “So what is wrong with the father asking the children how they were doing”, said Baldev Sharma, a prominent RSS ideologue and presently chairman of the National Book Trust.
  • the RSS Chief, Mohan Bhagwat, chose to emphatically mark his presence just a few months after the Modi government took power when he gave a clarion call for “Ghar Wapsi”, asserting that Muslims in India essentially had Hindu ancestry and must “return home” by reconverting to Hinduism.
  • secular-democratic traditions embedded in independent India’s DNA

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  • its unity in its duplication, of infinitude realizing itself in self-consciousness

  • Itwouldbefoolish,nottosaybarelycomprehensible,formetotrytoargueagainsttheideaofnuanceingeneral.atwouldbelikearguingagainsttheideaofyellow,ortheconceptofostriches
  • However,Idoclaimthatthemorewetendtovaluenuanceassuch—thatis,asavirtuetobecultivated,orastherstthingtolookforwhenassessingarguments—themorewewilltendtoslidetowardsoneormoreofthreenuancetraps.Firstistheevermoredetailed,merelyempiricaldescriptionoftheworld.isisthenuanceofthene-grain.Itisarejectionoftheorymasqueradingasincreasedapplicabilityorrange.Secondistheevermoreextensiveexpansionofsometheoreticalsysteminawaythatešectivelyclosesitošfromrebuttalordisconrmationbyanythingintheworld.isisthenuanceoftheconceptualframework.Itisanevasionofthedemandthatatheoryberefutable.Andthirdistheinsinuationthatyoursensitivitytonuanceisamanifestationofone’sdistinctive(oŸenmetaphoricallyexpressedandattimesseeminglyinešable)abilitytograspandexpresstherichness,texture,andžowofsocialrealityitself.isisthenuanceoftheconnoisseur.Itismostlyaspeciesofself-congratulatorysymbolicviolence.
  • Demandsformorenuanceactivelyinhibittheprocessofabstractionthatgoodtheorydependson.Whatisabstractionhere?Itisnotsimplygeneralization—

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  • The most relevant lesson from pre-war social democracy for the class struggle today is that we must first build parties that will become dominant in the workers movement through the fight for reforms. It is only through that collective experience of winning tangible victories and testing the limits of reformism that a majority will be won to revolutionary politics.


    While it’s true that such formations would recreate many of the same contradictions present in prewar social democracy, this does not necessarily doom them to the same result. And revolutionaries who cede to reformists the task of creating and shaping political formations that can appeal to and engage the working-class majority in political struggle undermine not just those but any “separate” revolutionary projects as well.

  • The Chief Minister, well known for the way she has patronised thugs in her own party, and the way she has condoned overt violence by party thugs, signifying such events as little mistakes by small kids, was found in a pontificating mood. Police during her regime is regularly being used to prevent dissent voices, even if they are most peaceful, democratic, rudimentary and miniscule

  • Different estimates show that, for every garment that is sold at $100 in the Western market, the governments of those countries earn around $25, brands and buying houses make at least $50, and of the rest goes to the owners, raw material sup-pliers, production cost, etc. Workers get less than $1.
  • When the Multi-Fibre Arrangement (
     ) for the North  American market was introduced in 1974, Bangladesh did not have an export-oriented garment industry at the time. This arrangement affected many garment-exporting countries as the
      imposed quotas on garments exports from many developing countries, including South Korea and Taiwan. As a result, entrepreneurs from the quota-restricted countries like South Korea were looking for countries that could become new manufacturing sites. By 1977 they reached Bangladesh to enter into joint ventures and take advantage of this quota-free country.  Very soon the rapid expansion of the
      industry changed the industrial landscape of the country. The end of the
      in 2004 was not a problem; the
      industry in Bangladesh could continue to grow because of its competitive advantage that derived from its low cost of production.
  • The export of
      increased from $3.5 million in 1981 to $20 billion in 2013

  • Nearly 94 per cent of people in the Death Row in contemporary India, according to a recent study, are Dalits or minorities.  Over 75 per cent are economically vulnerable. The most important reason this happens is, these people, poor, often poorly educated, usually do not even manage to get a decent lawyer at the trial stage.

  • we should never lose sight of the fact that the real problems facing Indian society is not corruption or scams—they are symptoms of larger underlying structural issues endemic to capitalism. Congress and BJP have more in common when it comes to corruption, scams or economic policies, than one is led to believe from the acrimonious proceedings in the parliament session. When welfare and social security schemes are cut, farmer’s debt are not pardoned, and indirect taxes hitting the toiling masses far more than the super rich are introduced or raised from their present levels to meet up the budget deficit; capitalists like Adani get loans from nationalised banks to the tune of 5,000 crore, and labour laws to land acquisition laws are all changed to suit the needs of the richest of the rich, all these parties play the same role when in power.

  • The Swan Group websites lists a number of European brands as long term buyers from the Group including Lidl, Next, Bestseller, Dunnes and Walmart. Workers claim they were producing for Aldi, Piazza Italia and Motivi in the months prior to closure.
  • In January 2015 the factory suddenly stopped paying salaries. The Chinese owner of Swan Group, Ming Yuen Hon (Toby), attempted to flee the country on April 9th, but was prevented from doing so by workers who confronted him at the airport and brought him back to the factory. This action forced Mr Hon to pay one month salary to the workers, but on April 10th the two factories were illegally declared closed. According to his family Mr Hon committed suicide some time in the following weeks.

  • The building that housed two garment factories and a warehouse of another garment factory had inadequate fire extinguishing equipment, a narrow staircase and a locked fire exit.

  • Other estimates range between 10 and 15 million Bangladeshis living in India illegally, but there are no reliable numbers.
  • And the government cannot even manage to send back those Bangladeshis it knows are staying in the country illegally.


    At the end of 2012, for instance, 16,530 Bangladeshi citizens with valid travel documents were found to be overstaying in India—while 6,537 and 5,234 Bangladeshi nationals were deported in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

  • According to the report, rural income growth in India has been stuck in the mid to low single digits in 2015 to date, well off the 20 percent-plus rates clocked in 2011.
  • the consensus view on India's economic growth prospects is relatively optimistic, very much in keeping with Moody's baseline scenario of headline economic expansion of 7.5 percent in FY2016.
  • some disappointment amongst the audience with regard to the pace of reform

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