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Leslie Cash

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Nov 20, 15

" is an experimental tool for creating expanding texts. It is based on The tools can be found by clicking Write in the navigation at the top. Texts will house an ongoing collection of selected texts. Resources provides help for using this website, and also any news, updates, guides, support and a Q&A. If you need further information or help, contact You can Register in order to save and publish texts, or Sign in if you already have an account."

  • This site was recommended to me by several teachers, elementary and high school. It is a type of social bookmarking site and a way to share resources.  You can  make your own page or you can use pages made by others. These pages are collections of websites on particular subjects with each site represented by its own tile. You click on the tile to go to the actual site. You can make one for your students to use or have the students make one of their research sites to go with a paper or project.
Nov 20, 15

multiple wheels to help you make choices

Nov 19, 15

"Spelling & Literature
Thursday, February 12, 2015
DOWNLOAD FREE 30 works of Mario Benedetti

We want to share with you 30 works of  Mario Benedetti  so that added to its virtual library. Do not forget to share our blog with your friends, so you succeed to reach a wider audience and achieve expanding interest in a world with better spelling, grammar and interest in literature."

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