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  • Dev <- Main -> Service Branch -> Release
  • Labels are generally frowned upon since what comprises a label can be changed and there is no history
  • My preference is to start with Main. Branch from Main to Dev to start on the next release. You can deploy (rather than branch) from Dev to QA. After QA signoff, merge (RI) Dev to Main for stabilization. Deploy (not branch) from Main to QA, UAT etc. Once  stabilized in Main branch for Release (and optionally Servicing.


    The branch structure for development: MAIN > DEV.


    The branch structure for release: MAIN > SP (Optional) > RELEASE

  • Day to day, your developers would still work in either your Dev or Main line. When you release to prod, you’ll do a merge from Main into Release, and hopefully it won’t need to be used. But if that day comes when you need to fix something and fast, the Release line will be there for you. Make the fix in the release line, test it, deploy it, and save the day. After you pulse returns to normal, merge the fix into Main and if necessary from Main into Dev.
  • Branch by Release – Now I know I said don’t branch by release, and I stand by it, but if you have a app that lives on the client that may need support for multiple version (desktop, mobile, etc.) then sorry, you probably need a branch for each release that you need to support.


      1 Choose a finish:



    1) Whenever governments gone wild engage in military folly on the other side of the globe, it’s the younger generation that’s expected to go fight and die in foreign lands.




    2) They’ll pay rising taxes for their entire working lives in order to service the debts of previous generations.




    3) They’ll have to support a ballooning number of retirees more than any other generation in modern history. Census data show that the number of workers per retiree is now at the lowest on record in the US, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Japan, etc.




    4) Yet given the precarious balance sheets of most Western pension and S

  • ter arriving in Iceland, perhaps murdered by NATO agents - Iceland is a Nato country, crawling with Nato agents, tho not in the EU. The CIA - Mossad murder method if timing is not urgent, is to spray a fast-acting medical disease leading to rapid death, what seems to have happened

  • 7.  Re: Highway 49-Gold Rush Country-worth a trip?  
    May 13, 2011, 5:57 PM

    Too often negleted when traveling in Calif. is the Mother Lode area of Calif. After all this is where it all began.





    I live in Georgetown (Old Growersburg) so I am familiar with the area. There are wonderful towns to visit that have retained many of the gold rush era buildings. Many picturesque cemeteries abound which date to the gold rush.





    I would suggest getting off the beaten path and exploring the wine country south of Placerville, Placerville itself, old town Auburn, Neveda City, Grass Valley , and of course Georgetown. Consider staying a few nights in Georgetown at the American River Inn (see TA reviews) and visit the surrounding area(go upcountry on Wentworth Springs road (not in winter) and visit the high country.





    Also be sure to stop in Coloma and see the Gold Discovery State Park and the replica of Sutters Mill.





    The AAA has a nice map of the Gold Chain Highway(49) that you can get if you are a member.





    Enjoy our area. You will find it very rewarding.

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