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Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

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May 25, 15

"Netzkompetenz kann man nicht vermittlen, sonder muss man selber erleben"

May 25, 15

"Sie sollen Kindern und Jugendlichen die Welt erklären, sträuben sich jedoch häufig, den digitalen Teil eines Lebens als einen ebensolchen anzuerkennen: Lehrer."

May 25, 15

"Social Media haben in den vergangenen Jahren unsere Internetnutzung entscheidend geprägt und verändert. Für Millionen von Nutzern sind sie aus der alltäglichen Kommunikation nicht mehr wegzudenken. Für Unternehmen sind soziale Medien daher in vielen Bereichen zu einem wichtigen Wertschöpfungsfaktor geworden.

Zwar setzen bereits drei Viertel der deutschen Unternehmen Social Media auf die eine oder andere Weise ein, viele Firmen sind jedoch noch unsicher, welche Art von Engagement für sie wirklich sinnvoll ist und welche strategische Vorgehensweise sich für sie am besten eignet."

May 24, 15

"It’s no secret that social media—global, open, transparent, non-hierarchical, interactive, and real time—are changing consumer behavior and workplace expectations. As a result, the best businesses are creating comprehensive strategies in this area to support their goals. However, my research on the organizational implications of social media and consulting work with dozens of companies in America, Europe, and Asia suggest that it is taking longer for corporate leaders to consider what the new paradigm means for them personally."

May 21, 15

"The social search & display platform."

May 15, 15

"“Social media is like water because it is everywhere in our life. We can ignore it and watch kids drown, or we can teach kids how to swim. Which way are you going to go?”"

May 15, 15

"Your plan for establishing habits of documentation
The learning you intend to make visible
The documentation tools and approaches you intend to use
Your plan for engaging others in your investigation: locally and globally
Your process for displaying and analyzing the evidence you collect
Your intended audience and how you might share your theories with them
Your guiding question, topic, or focal point, if you intend to begin with one"

May 13, 15

A strategy is where you’re headed. A plan is how you’ll get there.

May 12, 15

"It may be true that plenty of students know how to create digital media, but too few know how to produce high-quality content, the kind that makes them stick out to not only college admission officers, but also potential employers. If you think “marketing” is a dirty word, and that educators have no business teaching students how to do this, you need to reconsider your role. We need to teach and encourage students to post original, quality content to brand their unique identities in a sea of increasingly indistinguishable resumes—which are going the way of the typewriter."

May 12, 15

"Al presentarles el programa, uno de los alumnos expuso, casi con temor, lo que para él sería una dificultad y que no le permitiría realizar el trabajo, pues dijo: _”Pero está todo en inglés”

Tomé inmediatamente este comentario y comencé un debate sobre qué podíamos hacer si los programas que queremos utilizar no están en el idioma que más sabemos, ¿No lo usaríamos?, ¿Buscamos otro?, ¿Llamamos a alguien que nos traduzca?…

Yo comenté que para mi también es difícil pues tampoco manejo el inglés, pero hay soluciones posibles, es así que uno de los chicos dijo _Podemos usar el traductor de Google para conocer el significado de las palabras. "

May 11, 15

1 – Comparing students:

2 – Adding comments to grades:

3 – Subjectivity

4 – Ignoring your feedback:

5 – Leaving students out of the conversation:

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