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Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano's Public Library

Aug 08, 16

Most of the things that we do have two possible outcomes: they might work or they might not. Being able to live with the possibility of either is essential if we're going to move forward.

Aug 03, 16

Our understanding of learning has expanded at a rate that has far outpaced our conceptions of teaching.

May 14, 16

International School of Zuerich

Apr 05, 16

Cementing learning takes reflection. Long-term memory and the ability to organize and access information at a later time requires making sense of the information that you're retaining shortly after you acquire it. This step is often the Achilles Heel of adult learning. Even when educators take notes or talk to others, it requires an intentional reflective practice to make the learning rich and real.

Apr 01, 16

Los componentes principales de un PLE comprenden herramientas, mecanismos y actividades para:

Hacer/reflexionar haciendo
Compartir/reflexionar en comunidad

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