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Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano's Public Library

Jun 05, 15

"You created the account and are going to sit back and watch followers roll in? Wrong. Just showing up on Instagram won’t do you any good. You need to create inspiring content or suffer the consequences of having no impact, being deemed mediocre, and even develop negative brand perception."

Jun 05, 15

"“On Thursday, Stenner acknowledged his mistake, telling the Sun Sentinel that he ‘should have said this was in part taken from (McCullough). Be he insisted that he didn’t consider what he did to be plagiarism. “I take things off the internet and things and clean them up.”"

Jun 02, 15

1. Tools to look within
2. Greater focus on personality.
3. Incorporation of multimedia content
4. More fluidity of content
5. Decision -making power from Data

Social media is changing rapidly. We are going from a world of simply tweeting about our cat, periscoping about our lives, to deducing that information to create more impactful and tailored messages. This wave will transform the way we think of social, and hopefully impact the world for the better.

May 25, 15

"Netzkompetenz kann man nicht vermittlen, sonder muss man selber erleben"

May 25, 15

"Sie sollen Kindern und Jugendlichen die Welt erklären, sträuben sich jedoch häufig, den digitalen Teil eines Lebens als einen ebensolchen anzuerkennen: Lehrer."

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