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Kathe Weltchek

Kathe Weltchek's Public Library

21 Aug 11

Extensive collection of ALL of Poe's work, including stories, poems, essays, and more. Organized by published works as well as alphabetically by genre. 

29 Jun 11

compiled by a teacher, includes many useful conclusions with specific discussion of 5 stories

29 Jun 11

Spoiler Alert:  3rd episode reveals plots and conclusions of stories. 4th concentrates on "The Raven" and Virginia's death. (haunting music)   5th deals with his own death. 

In addition to a level-headed bio and lit analysis, there are video installments of his life and the impact of women in his life. As a 3-year-old he witnesses the death of his mother, coughing blood from tuberculosis. "Bone deep memory of his mother." "Natural leader and athlete" "Sensitive nature..." "Weeping at the grave of a woman he loved..." 

29 Jun 11

very brief opening to the American Masters special on Poe's life of terror

29 Jun 11

slide show of Poe's literary life with reproductions of important stories, essays, and poems. Love the opening photo. Good to show to students early on in class. 

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