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  • the projects can be done in pairs or groups, as long as there is a means of assessing each individual student's participation in the final product. This could be through verbal interviews with students individually after the completion or presentation of the project.
  • On a test correction sheet in math, the student is asked to find and write down the page number in the textbook where he or she can identify an example of the problem, and then to review that example. Next, the student describes the type of mistake he or she made on the test. Was it an error in simple arithmetic addition? Was it more extensive confusion about the concept of multiplying negative numbers?
Feb 10, 14

A nice reminder and resource for how to help parents (mothers) help daughters navigate the sometimes overly dramatic landscape of school.

Sep 17, 13

6 online and free tools recommended for creating cartoons

Sep 17, 13

6 free places to go online to ceate animation

  • Dickinson College's charming but isolated campus in central Pennsylvania
  • At a time when most colleges are becoming increasingly female, Dickinson has raised its proportion of men
  • Dickinson adapted to the growing female majority by starting a women's center, adding a women's studies major and offering courses on Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf.

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  • High school boys score higher than girls on the SAT, particularly on the math section. Experts say that is both because the timed multiple-choice questions play to boys' strengths and because more middling female students take the test. Boys also score slightly better on the math and science sections of national assessment tests. On the same assessments, 12th-grade boys, even those with college-educated parents, do far worse than girls on reading and writing.
  • They have a sense of lassitude, a lack of focus," said William Pollack, director
  • Sara Mead, the

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Aug 09, 13

NYT article by Tamar Lewin. Hopefully this is the one assigned by the Rhetoric workshop.

  • Department of Education statistics show that men, whatever their race or socioeconomic group, are less likely than women to get bachelor's degrees — and among those who do, fewer complete their degrees in four or five years. Men also get worse grades than women.
  • It is not that men are in a downward spiral: they are going to college in greater numbers and are more likely to graduate than two decades ago.

  • The gender differences are not uniform. In the highest-income families, men 24 and under attend college as much as, or slightly more than, their sisters,

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Jul 28, 13

An educator ends his online teaching career because he thinks its no good. Outlines the weaknesses

May 31, 13

writing / technology intersection worth looking at in light of our iPad mini conversation

May 29, 13

password protected in Vimeo hyde1966

May 29, 13

why & how of reading literature to aquire a second language

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