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  • LinkedIn promises to harness everything that’s great about a digital economy that so far has done more to limit than expand the professional prospects of its user-citizens.
  • it’s always been a little tough to figure out what LinkedIn is for
  • the way to get to the next rung is to pretend you’re already there

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  • Because intellectual development is never as neat as a single essay or even essays in dialogue might suggest, our voices interject to disrupt both the temporal and textual flow.
  • auralacy,” or learning to listen,
  • pedagogy of listening

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  • we argue for “remixing” it by blending it with elements of songwriting.
  • encouraging students to become co-creators of the assignment by giving them space to re-envision the essay in a multimodal way that allows them to build on the media-creation experiences with which many of them are already familiar.
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