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  • Journal of Games Criticism
  • As a professional web surfer
  • one must identify and review the rhetorical effectiveness by examining the ethos, logos, and pathos

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  • published in Harlot
  • It is a culture that can be tracked through history, its influences still present in media works today
  • is, like the jazz he discusses rhythmic and engaging

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  • prove to the audience of his post by claiming
  • when social issues deemed
  • the Hong Kong’s people

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  • Pflugfelder states
  • In further discuss about the issue of cell phone
  • under the heading “Cell Phones and Composition,” Pflugfelder argues that we should not spend lots of time where it can affect our literacies while studying/writing. He brought up different theories from different authors’ ideas that explores the popularity of cell phones and how it impacts students who has been seen it both as positive and negative (Pflugfelder).

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  • An interview with Lawrence lessig
  • The Website I chose an article from the website title: Currents in Electronic Literacy.
  • A reason for this being;

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  • Elena Siemens who is an associate professor, and
  • in her journal
  • She wrote the article in a story format

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  • Marijuana should be removed from the criminal justice system and regulated in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco.

  • The fact is, the CDC is trumping up the fear factor, while simultaneously downplaying its own role in potentially creating a devastating outbreak through its own negligence.
  • I believe we need to consider the financial motives behind the promotion of pandemics and the vaccines that go along with them.

  • In this webtext, we propose that new concepts are needed to discuss increasingly common rhetorical practices that are, we think, not closely aligned with the ways in which rhetorical delivery has historically been situated.
  • We chose a press release design for this article because it is distributed as analog and digital, with specific strategic use and importance associated with each of these physicalities; it also demonstrates an implicit consideration and structure for its recomposition.

  • in a story I just taught this morning
  • Five days from now
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