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Kris Krois

Kris Krois's Public Library

17 Apr 14

"Al termine dell’incontro si è deciso di darvi continuità con l’indicazione di delegati di tavolo, a cui potranno aggiungersi tutti coloro che vorranno dare la propria adesione, per procedere alll’elaborazione del documento conclusivo di proposta partecipata che verrà inviato alle istituzioni competenti."

17 Apr 14

"Loomio is free and open source software for anyone, anywhere, to participate in decisions that affect them"

17 Apr 14

"digital platform through which any group - large or small, local or global - can take a page from the Occupier’s handbook. It’s called Loomio, and it’s already being used by civic activists in Ukraine, thousands of direct democracy advocates in Greece, municipalities in England, foundations, and credit unions."

    For the first time ever, the majority of the world's population lives in a city, and this proportion continues to grow. Visu

  • CloudSigma is an innovative Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider based in Zurich, Switzerland. CloudSigma was founded to meet the growing need for a pure IaaS that places little or no restrictions on how its users deploy their computing resources.


    We are proud to have been chosen as a 2013 Cool Vendor by Gartner and a Top 25 cloud company in both 2010 and 2012.


    The founders of CloudSigma were frustrated with the current market offerings which required users to jump through hoops to migrate their current server setups to the cloud. We fixed that problem by building our own cloud stack that delivers real utility computing in the cloud for the first time.


    This post is also available in: Bulgarian, German

  • Yes, Mattel. From the people who brought you Hot Wheels, you will soon be able to purchase an EEG and accompanying game set.
  • The fascinating part, to me, is that this was a trio – three people on stage, harmonizing with each other, using nothing but brainwaves.
17 Dec 13

ontopica is an extensive software package for participatory processes. It can do a lot, also "Bürgerhaushalt", but i have no idea how user-friendly it is

17 Dec 13

useful interactive visualization. An ineteresting extension would be the possibility to compare years or developments over years (eg. as sankey diagrams)

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