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  • describe how to make and how to use the invention. The invention  that one skilled in the art must be enabled to make and use is that defined by the claim(s)  of the particular application or patent.
  • the specification describe  the invention in such terms that one skilled in the art can make and use the claimed  invention is to ensure that the invention is communicated to the interested public in a  meaningful way
  • “enable one of ordinary  skill in the art to make and use a perfected, commercially viable embodiment absent a claim  limitation to that effect.”

  • To satisfy the written description requirement, a patent  specification must describe the claimed invention in sufficient detail that one skilled  in the art can reasonably conclude that the inventor had possession of the claimed  invention.
  • Much of the written  description case law addresses whether the specification as originally filed supports  claims not originally in the application
  • The issue raised in these cases is most often  phrased as whether the original application provides “adequate support” for the claims  at issue or whether the material added to the specification incorporates “new matter” in  violation of 35 U.S.C. 132

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  • Die Chance, dass genügend Müll für künftige Forschergenerationen übrig bleibt, ist groß. Jede Minute werden weltweit über 12 000 Tassen Kaffee getrunken, die aus  Kapseln gewonnen wurden.

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