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28 Feb 11

This is a nifty idea. Fun with crypto for small message spaces like Twitter.

15 Mar 10

Wikibooks in putting together a book on cryptography. Go check it out and contribute if you can.

02 Jun 09

@lithium's latest crypto challenge is waiting for you to puzzle over.

30 Apr 09

The Princess of Antiquity is back and picking up her Non-technical series on Cryptography. I have pointed to previous posts before. Good stuff.

18 Oct 08

I've use BeCrypt products for quite some time and have found them to be excellent. They now have a library that is FIPS 140-2 certified.

06 Oct 08

Mordaxus points us to a paper where three researchers claim to have broken quantum key distribution. As Mordaxus says, "This is a serious flaw."

01 Oct 08

If you use password protected Outlook PST files, you might want to go take a look at this video. Actually, you should go take a look regardless.

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