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12 Apr 14

Another listing of web sites that were vulnerable to Heartbleed as of April 7, 2014. Not updated but gives you a sense of what might have been open if you have an account on those sites.

12 Apr 14

An online checker to see if a site is likely to have the heartbleed bug.

12 Apr 14

List of sites with those marked where you should change your password. It will be interesting to see what the situation is in a month or two.

12 Apr 14

An article by Steven Aquino. Although it is about the innovation issue with regards to Apple, he brings up a lot of stuff related to accessibility that is worth a read. Probably not usable with my students but a starting place for me.

10 Apr 14

Article detailing the strange case of a major type company lawsuit. Dramatic. But the fonts in dispute are widely used and worth lots of money.

07 Apr 14

Excellent article on solving battery drain problems in iOS. Written by someone who worked at a Genius Bar. Confirms info I've heard from other sources but lists them all in one place.

28 Mar 14

Article about Amazon primarily focused on the book side of the business both physical and ebooks. Provides a bit of a history. May be a bit one-sided. One wonders about publishers--if a significant amount of their profits come from textbooks and textbooks are moving to ebooks or no books, how will they support new writers?

27 Mar 14

About a 4-minute video on how Bill Nye became the Science Guy. Good background info.

19 Mar 14

A site where teacher submit "walks" that allow students to go on virtual tours using Google Earth. Along the way they find information, engage with questions and apply what they have learned. Categorized for Math, Science and Social Studies. Quality seems to vary.

19 Mar 14

Math activities for Google Earth. Variety of grade levels. Has some for SketchUp. Mostly 4th-12th grade.

19 Mar 14

State of broadband access for everyone in the U.S. is not too bright according to Newsweek. Politics, business and money may not be the best combination for getting access to everyone. How does this affect small town America? People living on farms and ranches? The economy of largely rural states and counties?

19 Mar 14

Screen shots of fairly big web sites circa 1995-1998. Interesting to see how the web has evolved in a relatively short time.

19 Mar 14

Interesting piece on the contrasting views and definitions of bit rot by archivists and librarians. The latter part goes into some of the complexity of the issue around ebooks with expiring files and limited number of checkouts for libraries.

07 Mar 14

Article explaining Keychain, iCloud Keychain and Keychain Recovery and the security involved with each. Fairly technical but this is the best explanation I've seen.

01 Mar 14

Article by Steven Aquino on the accessibility features of iOS that help everyone. They can be used for a variety of situations that are explained well.

01 Mar 14

From the National Archives. A resource to help teachers create interactive learning activities with primary sources. Looks like a useful tool.

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