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Jul 23, 15

Good article summarizing the current state of web accessibility and legal issues surrounding this topic. Would be useful for the SPED technology course as a reading.

  • Martha Bulloch who came from a prominent southern family. Two of her brothers served the Confederacy during the Civil War which caused some tension in the family. Theodore's father, also named Theodore Roosevelt, came from a prominent New York City family and supported the North during the war. Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. was a businessman and philanthropist who helped to found the American Museum of Natural History and the New York Children's Orthopedic Hospital. The future president was much influenced by his parents disparate backgrounds.
Jul 07, 15

This is as of summer 2015. Gives age breakdown of use of a variety of social networks ranging from Pinterest to Facebook. Could be useful in a course.

Jul 07, 15

Article describing how the LOC preserves video. Very interesting description of the preservation process and how the originals are stored. In some ways, they are running out of time as the originals are getting near their end of life.

Jun 25, 15

Good article about accessibility as a topic at WWDC 2015. Has links to some great resources and videos. Good information. Probably a good one to use for class.

Jun 25, 15

Essay concerning blended and personalized learning in 2015. What it is and what the implications may be in terms of school policy and school reform during hard economic times and the rise of charter and for-profit schools.

Jun 25, 15

Good collection of social media guidelines/policies from around the web. Might be useful to bring up in one of my classes.

Jun 24, 15

Nice article giving background on how computer voices are created by voice actors. Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri on iOS devices was interviewed and her recording setup described.

Jun 08, 15

Short bio of Hermann Zapf. He designed Optima, Palatino and of course, Zapf Dingbats. Optima was said to be his favorite font. It is the font used on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Jun 05, 15

Description of the first EVA. I remember watching it in school. There were several TVs scattered in the school. Whenever there was a space mission event during school time, two or three classrooms of students would crowd into a classroom with a TV and watch. This was when class sizes were 30-45 students so having 3 classrooms worth of students in one room was a real squeeze. We occupied every square inch of floor space--small kids would scrunch up on window ledges (which were about a foot deep) and tall kids stood at the back so everyone could see. It was an incredible shared experience--many of us were nuts about NASA and followed every Mercury, Gemini and Apollo mission in detail. People like Ed White were our heroes.

Jun 05, 15

City X is a place to go to find curriculum ideas for using 3D printers in your classroom. They have lots of resources, a downloadable workshop, etc. It's aimed as 8-12 year old students. Definitely worth exploring for those interested in 3D printing in the classroom.

Jun 01, 15

Good history of a seminal company that changed the look, feel and expectations of movies and TV shows.

Jun 01, 15

I can't remember if I bookmarked the original article on Polygon with this video. Obviously related to gamergate.

May 29, 15

Article about software licensing vs. ownership and how that plays out when real-world objects like cars and tractors are run primarily by software that is not owned by the individual. This is an issue not only as the article suggests but also for the Internet of Things and how that will play out.

May 26, 15

Long article on what is happening primarily at the University of Arizona (Tucson) with the cuts to funding from the state. It impacts not only students but the atmosphere of the institution. Talks also about the different response from ASU. Interesting to think about and how this situation will play out in other states.

May 26, 15

Article on tick-borne diseases. A number of articles have appeared this year about how ticks are coming out earlier and spreading further north. Several of the diseases mentioned were talked about last summer in medical sources. Includes some info on permethrin.

May 22, 15

NPR has over 800,000 audio segments that you can embed on web pages, Tumblr, tweets, etc. This explains how to do it.

May 15, 15

WolframAlpha project that tries to identify what is in an image. You drage the image onto the page and see what happens. It's using ideas of neural nets as the artificial intelligence method. Right now, sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong. It is probably learning through mistakes.

May 15, 15

Interesting read that could be incorporated into ES 380. If misinformation about you appears on the web or if things in your life change, how can it be corrected or updated? It's not easy.

May 13, 15

Interesting article about what is happening in Louisiana as of May 2015 regarding funding for higher education. Has implications for other states and for the future of higher education in general. Lots to think about here. Also provides info for some other states.

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