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Feb 05, 16

Step-by-step directions for securing erasing a Mac hard drive--even an SSD.

Feb 05, 16

Nice list/description of common touch gestures for a number of features in iOS as of January 2016.

Feb 03, 16

Article discussing some of the works that would likely have entered public domain in 2016 if the 1976 Copyright Act had never been passed.

Feb 03, 16

Interesting description of how technology might change the way people with visual impairments interact with the world around them. Ranges from face recognition to beacons plus more. Good read.

Feb 02, 16

Good article about writing for the mobile web. Done in the context of libraries but would apply to other service type web sites.

Jan 30, 16

I have participated in many Scoville panels and prepped food for the test. Brings back some fond memories.

Jan 29, 16

Article discussing some the issues Wikipedia is now facing. Might be worth reading in a course to spark some discussions.

Jan 22, 16

An interactive atlas of American history. Very interactive maps related to historical periods. Very useful resource for the classroom.

Jan 14, 16

Site from WEDC about the Fab Lab grant program. Looks like might be multi-year. Intended for K-12 schools as starter money.

Jan 13, 16

Provides both sides of the situation to some extent. Our students need to be aware that this is a potential problem. Might be worth reading for a course.

Jan 11, 16

Viewpoint of an author to the Google Books situation and the legal cases that have continued over the past several years. There are pros and cons to each side but the creator and the implications to the creator are often understated.

Nov 18, 15

A resource site for teachers incorporating the provisions of Act 31 into their teaching. In addition to lesson plan ideas, there are videos of teachers teaching with commentary.

Nov 13, 15

The Ways is a production of the Wisconsin Media Lab. It's about learning through traditions and language. Filmed on location, the segments include the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, the Ho-Chunk Nation, Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican. There's a wide range of topics, very useful for K-12 teachers.

Nov 10, 15

Another article about how cables connect the continents for internet connectivity. Lots of maps (current and historic) and historic background for telephony.

Nov 06, 15

Student discovery sets involving primary source materials on a number of topics--The Constitution, The Dust Bowl, Segregation, Japanese American Internment, etc. Looks like upper elementary, middle and high school.

Nov 02, 15

2 minute video showing the cables that connect the internet. Most are surprisingly vulnerable.

Oct 27, 15

Another vision of the future of education--where students direct the learning and teachers are guides. All based on questions and finding the answers through computers. Use in course this semester.

Oct 26, 15

Very long article about adaptive instruction and its possible future in education. Gives background on how textbook companies are moving in this direction. Has anecdotes. Thinks about the implications long-term for people and for education.

Oct 26, 15

Fonts are intellectual property and protected to some extent by law. The article lays out some of the problems and describe how new fonts are developed. Also mentioned some recent IP problems.

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