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Feb 08, 15

Good description by Jason Snell on how he edits podcasts. Lots of good tips.

Jan 22, 15

Detailed post on multi-ender podcasts. Good overview of the technique and software. Obviously, written by Jason Snell.

Jan 12, 15

These are an interesting variation on geocaching. There are quite a few for the U.S. Many appear constructed by tourist bureaus/groups to promote tourism in the area. They look really interesting and there is one for Milwaukee!

Jan 12, 15

Good overall description of the basics of podcasting. Gives some good advice to get started if it's something you'd like to do. Nice tips.

Jan 06, 15

Good summary about this very prevalent and hard to get people to discard myth. Has some good links to pursue. I get a lot of resistance from students about this one.

  • Jan 5--met with Rose about edTPA and what I'm doing in ES 405 from 2:00-2:45. Talked about whatever.
  • an 5--met with Rose about edTPA and what I'm doing in ES 405 from 2:00-2:45. Talked about whatever.
Dec 18, 14

Article dated February 2014 before the Hachette/Amazon dispute erupted. Provides some background on the Amazon/publishing situation and asks questions about things like, is a low price always in the best interest of consumers? Provides a lot of context for both sides.

Dec 18, 14

Description of the Hachette/Amazon dispute. Provides a lot of history and context for publishing (traditional) and ebooks and Amazon's relation with both over time. This is a long article that outlines the history that leads up to the current publisher/Amazon relationship. Dated December 2014. The current Apple ebooks lawsuit is not yet decided but that's another chapter in this story.

Dec 18, 14

Long-form article about an interview with the people behind the physical design of Kindles. Provides the Amazon viewpoint. Maybe use in a unit about ebooks and libraries.

Dec 03, 14

A good description of the history of a ebooks case with Apple. It's a fascinating saga and interesting in terms of what's been going on lately with Amazon and the publishers.

Dec 03, 14

Dan Benjamin's guide to podcasting. Excellent resources, tips and a great video on microphone technique.

Dec 03, 14

Excellent overview of things to consider for podcasting. Goes into enough detail to be very useful. Might be worth having students read as they evaluate podcasts.

Nov 26, 14

Short video (about 3 minutes) on the basics of 3D printing and how it is used to print buildings.

Nov 25, 14

Good description of the history of first sale doctrine and the Kirtsaeng court case. Need to use for library science course.

Nov 21, 14

Another chapter in the Kryptos sculpture mystery. I'm curious to see if it is ever resolved and revealed to the public.

Oct 30, 14

An 8-minute video by Dan Benjamin of 5by5 on microphone technique. Some good tips for beginners and advanced podcasters.

Oct 22, 14

Exactly what the title is. Probably be a good idea to do with any operating system. Terminal is not hard to use--basically UNIX commands.

Oct 18, 14

Interesting essay on how someone with autism interacts with Siri. Could be used in my class.

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