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Sep 10, 15

Has a nice short video about cursive handwriting with some data from a large group. Might be useful to bring up in classes.

Sep 09, 15

Article describing some of the exploits of people at Xerox PARC in terms of the technologies they developed and in some cases did not exploit. Also has info on Jobs' visit to PARC.

Sep 09, 15

Article about Minecraft and its use in education. Gives some background info, talks about the video craze on YouTube. Also talks about Minecraft Edu which is a platform for K-12 schools.

Aug 28, 15

Article from Inside Higher Ed about UW-Eau Claire and response to budget cuts. Article dated July 29, 2015. They interviewed the Chancellor.

Aug 28, 15

Latest about Knewton and what they are thinking about the future of education. Quite a few districts and universities use this. Has implications for the future of education.

Aug 28, 15

Good stats on rural broadband access in U.S. While focused on medicine implications, applies to education too. Might have students read and think about the implications.

Aug 28, 15

Very nice explanation of the 1919 cross country road trip by the U.S. Army. Has some great photos. Nice historical summary.

Aug 28, 15

Nice typographic history. Gives some good background and explanation.

Aug 05, 15

Story about 3-D printing of high security keys. Would be useful in terms of an article about 3-D printing for classes.

Aug 05, 15

Article about the history of one block in New York from the 1600s to the present. Has maps and an interesting story.

Aug 04, 15

Article explaining some of the copyright issues associated with music. The different rights associated with music and how that intersects with music streaming services in relation to Beats 1 and Apple Music.

Jul 30, 15

Christopher Hills YouTube channel. Has a number of videos about assistive technology in terms of Apple devices and software. Has some videos to use in courses.

Jul 30, 15

Video by Christopher Hills on using Switch Control in iOS 8. He has a special need, is a video producer/editor and uses Apple products from Australia. Lots of useful videos in his channel.

Jul 29, 15

Article describing the current (July 2015) court case concerning Happy Birthday and whether it is or is not covered by copyright.

Jul 23, 15

Good article summarizing the current state of web accessibility and legal issues surrounding this topic. Would be useful for the SPED technology course as a reading.

  • Martha Bulloch who came from a prominent southern family. Two of her brothers served the Confederacy during the Civil War which caused some tension in the family. Theodore's father, also named Theodore Roosevelt, came from a prominent New York City family and supported the North during the war. Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. was a businessman and philanthropist who helped to found the American Museum of Natural History and the New York Children's Orthopedic Hospital. The future president was much influenced by his parents disparate backgrounds.
Jul 07, 15

This is as of summer 2015. Gives age breakdown of use of a variety of social networks ranging from Pinterest to Facebook. Could be useful in a course.

Jul 07, 15

Article describing how the LOC preserves video. Very interesting description of the preservation process and how the originals are stored. In some ways, they are running out of time as the originals are getting near their end of life.

Jun 25, 15

Good article about accessibility as a topic at WWDC 2015. Has links to some great resources and videos. Good information. Probably a good one to use for class.

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