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Apr 28, 16

Good article to use in class related to COPPA and CIPA discussions. Brings up the history and the problems related to filtering.

Apr 11, 16

Good article about the challenges voice recognition and transcription faces. It's a complex process but depending on the situation, may be closer than we think.

Apr 07, 16

Article on Minecraft and how it can support learning and creativity. Worth including in a class reading.

Apr 05, 16

A good guide explaining various aspects of color and how to create color combinations to use for your designs.

Apr 05, 16

The New York Public Library has more than 180,000 items in their digital collections that are in the public domain. Many are images and could be used in the classroom by teachers and students.

Apr 05, 16

Has step-by-step instructions for accessibility for each of the Google apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, etc.).

Mar 30, 16

Article about what the title says. Has a short video from a grade school in Australia. Article is about a school in Australia which serves children with autism.

Mar 29, 16

Short article on Beverly Cleary. Henry and Ribsy and the Mouse on the Motorcycle were my favorites. Has links to an interview with her by the Today Show.

Mar 23, 16

An article on Six Colors listing the events in Apple's Town Hall. Some very notable products were announced in that venue which has probably been used for the last time for that purpose.

Mar 18, 16

Really good description of a lot of typographic terms with illustrations. Much too detailed for courses but possibly of interest to me.

Feb 17, 16

Article about a new technology that would create archival storage for long periods of time and in a small physical format. It will be interesting to see if the technology starts to be adopted over the next few years.

Feb 05, 16

Step-by-step directions for securing erasing a Mac hard drive--even an SSD.

Feb 05, 16

Nice list/description of common touch gestures for a number of features in iOS as of January 2016.

Feb 03, 16

Article discussing some of the works that would likely have entered public domain in 2016 if the 1976 Copyright Act had never been passed.

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