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Julian Knight

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Feb 22, 15

via Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

When you get a shiny new desktop, Ultrabook, or 2-in-1 convertible Windows computer, you'll be tempted to dive right in and get to work or play. However, it's best to take a deep breath…

Jan 23, 15

via Techdirt.

The state of New York wants to get in on all the cybersecurity fun the kids legislators and intelligence officials are talking about these days. New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has announced ...

Jan 15, 15

via Techdirt.

The greatest threat to law enforcement since the motocar continues to receive attention from entities aghast at the notion that peoples' communications and data might not be instantly accessible by law enfo...

Jan 08, 15

via ArsFull

Ladar Levison is probably most well-known to Ars readers as the founder of the secure e-mail service Lavabit, which he shut down in mid...

Dec 27, 14

Healthcare is one of the most urgent socioeconomic issues of our time. This year, saw a variety of news and feature stories about applying the open source way and open source softw...

Dec 19, 14

via ArsFull

Gettysburg College

The traditional picture of Vikings is one of boatloads of hairy men pillaging their way along the coasts of Europe. Though true to some de...

Dec 12, 14

via Techdirt.

One of the knock-on effects of Snowden's leaks is that the NSA is terrified there might be more whistleblowers, and has taken extreme action in an attempt to reduce the risk of that happening by stripping 1...

Dec 09, 14

via ArsFull


Researchers have uncovered an extremely stealthy trojan for Linux systems that attackers have been using to siphon sensitive data from governments ...

Dec 07, 14

via Regular Geek I have talked about human filters and my plan for digital curation. These items are the fruits of those ideas, the items I deemed worthy from my daily reading. These items are a combination of tech business ...

Nov 03, 14

via Ars Technica Carrier was social-engineered by hacker to steal man’s two-letter Instagram name.

Oct 26, 14

via gHacks Technology News

You are here: Home > Software > VoodooShield protects your PC by only allowing whitelisted programs to run

By Martin Brinkmann on October 18, 2014 in Software - Last Update: October 18, 2014


Oct 04, 14

via Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

Whether you like it or not, a lot of your data is probably being stored in the cloud, and that's a trend that's not going to stop. While it is convenient to have your data available f...

Oct 01, 14

via Ars Technica Even free accounts will get elliptic curve encryption crypto protection.

Sep 22, 14

via Google Alert - Sheffield

Sep 20, 14

via ArsFull

CloudFlare has developed a way to separate SSL from private crypto keys, making it easier for companies to use the cloud to protect their networks.

Content d...

Sep 06, 14

via Ars Technica But will the FCC block Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger? Wheeler doesn't say.

Aug 21, 14

via Techdirt.

Jason Kottke of the always informative and entertaining just posted a very interesting look at the genesis of UK law enforcement. In 1829, the UK government shifted policing from a paramilitary f...

Aug 21, 14

About this time last year, I laid out some trends I saw for the coming year in government take up of open source software. Looking back now, it appears those trends are not only here to stay, the...

Aug 19, 14

via Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

3D printing may be one of the few technologies that actually holds a solid claim to the over-used adjectives "disruptive" and "world-changing," but its bulky hardware and complicated ...

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