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  • But genetics could be a factor?

    RP: Yeah, It could be a factor, but genetics is way too slow moving a process of sorting to account for the really rapid changes that we have seen over the past 30 years. It’s almost certainly not genetics. It’s the accumulation of actual resources: monetary resources, cultural resources, social resources, educational resources — and that pulling apart means that poor kids and rich kids, even of the same IQ, are living in completely different worlds now. That’s leading us down the road toward, frankly, a caste society.

  • We know now from the recent developments in brain science that the IQ of a person is determined in part by how often their parents read to them between [ages] zero and four.
  • The recent brain science says that each time you read to your child, the child’s brain is actually developing. So lots of what we might think of as genetic actually isn’t – it’s really early experiences in life that are different, depending on whether your parents are coming from an upper class background or a lower class background.

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  • Students tested right after a lecture tended to answer factual questions equally well regardless of how they took notes, but students who handwrote their notes did consistently better on conceptual questions.

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