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  • Empathy is too broad of a concept, it’s a state of mind, not a specific technique. It’s helpful to frame empathy within the product context.
  • A classic design aphorism is that many people don’t want a quarter inch drill, they just want a quarter inch hole

    • It’s easy to get excited by the potential of automated devices but just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should. As a UX designer, two things has been drilled into me throughout my career:

      • Most humans are messy balls of chaos (this is a good thing)
      • Even if you’re wrong just 10% of the time, your customers will hate you
  • Valuable isn’t sexy

     These examples are very valuable but, honestly, they just don’t demo as well as a magical digital servant. While a system that magically anticipates my every need is a lovely idea that will always aspire, it’s a bit TOO exciting actually, distracting us from the pragmatic things right in front of us. We’ll only discover more creative solutions if we drop our obsession with servant style automation. There are lots of simple but powerful concepts we can explore, build, and use today.

  • Schools, which started off giddy over the possibility of iPad, are now moving to laptops instead. To confuse matters, while mobile phone sales continue to grow, tablets sales have plateaued and even started to fall. What’s going on
  • The old market effect isn’t happening to desktop (at least not yet) for the simple reason that mobile hasn’t matured enough to replace it.
    • Cursor positioning conflicts with auto correct suggestions
    • Accurate cursor placement is hard
    • Auto correct’s continued ability to constantly embarrass
    • Tapping the screen is a huge context switch (compared to arrow keys)
    • Copy/paste is a fairly cumbersome task (compared to desktop)

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