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  • Being cool requires a very delicate balance of doing something that shows that you go your own way, but you do it in a way that is socially acceptable.
  • "If you're really doing something right, the chances are the coolness isn't going to last," Warren says. "Because you're going to shift what is the norm."

  • By examining how the brain responds to “cool” products, we discovered that they help fulfill a basic human need: to be recognized and respected by others.
  • We use products socially—music is a great example. Look at all the lifestyles arranged around various musical tastes.
  • I think it’s really fascinating how cool is so closely related to our sense of self.

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  • deoffs do we make for fewer degrees of freedom and greater ambiguity? How exactly does one then translate emoji (let alone translate something into emoji)? How do emoji work, both technically underneath the hood and in the (committee meeting) room where it happens? And finally, what happens as emoji becomes a means of personalized expression?
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