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  • the last part of his talk, mark explored some of the definitions and concepts associated with the virtual experience. The defined Virtual Worlds as: ‘synchronous and persistent network of people and programs embodied as avatars and agents facilitated by networked computers using navigable space to engage the user’s belief’. In terms of space: these are navigable consistent spaces with physics. All give rise to mediated presence. Similar to gamespaces ritual spaces theatrical spaces, bounded spaces in which separate rules and conventions exist and which have a heightened semiotic system that requires engagement of belief – fourth places. He finds the ‘Conscious Competence Learning Matrix’ He referenced Barrett 2002: 35 Cycle of disengagement and Caspi and Balu 2008: 339 Cycle of engagement.
Mar 31, 13

"SE Education; Education Life
HD Show Me Your Badge
WC 1643 words
PD 4 November 2012
SN Feed
LA English
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Mar 31, 13

"SE Ideas
HD The good, the badge, and the ugly ; Welcome to your digitally credentialed future. By Chris Wright | Illustrations by Bob Daly
BY Chris Wright
CR By Chris Wright Globe Correspondent
WC 556 words
PD 6 January 2013
SN The Boston Globe
PG K.12
LA English
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Mar 31, 13

HD R.I. Students Gaining 'Badges' and Credits Outside of School
BY Nora Fleming
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PD 6 February 2013
SN Education Week
PG 12
VOL Volume 32; Issue 20; ISSN: 02774232
LA English
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