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Kristen Fouss

Kristen Fouss's Public Library

Interested in PBL and math? Follow @SchettinoPBL & check her website. seriously, don't put it off. Great session today #NCTMBoston #MTBoS
Apr 16, 15

Students learn real-world math with a bit of trig and hay for the horses @CPRBrundin @npr_ed

Dear kindergarten kids, if you don't like naptime, please give it to us. Sincerely, high schoolers. via @johnccarver

@delta_dc @j_lanier we have a thing:

I'll regret this later, but huge thank you to @Fouss for organizing all of our Math 1, 2, and 3 documents,
Apr 14, 15

“@voxdotcom: 37 maps that explain the American Civil War” @MrKevinHyde @TBramschreibs

Apr 13, 15

Wow! How to Create a Google Form that Emails Parents about their Child's Day via @kimpollishuke #gafesummit

Apr 11, 15

@Fouss I like the docs @MSDeptofEd put together:
(it's only up to Alg 2, though). Tell me what you think. :)

Apr 11, 15

New post: Why does 0 factorial equal 1?

Apr 09, 15

FYI THS and AHS students: @WLWT: Video: Cincinnati State offers free classes for high schoolers”

Apr 09, 15

2 college s's using #statistics to project who will survive #GameofThrones: ht @ThisisStats

Apr 09, 15

If the IRS discovered the quadratic formula. #mathchat #edchat source:

Giving these a try.

What pricing model did they use?
Apr 06, 15

On Project-Based Learning and the Use of Anchor Videos... plus an Anchor Video! #edtech

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