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Kristen Fouss

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May 24, 16

Today on the blog: Exit Ticket Templates for Next Year

May 24, 16

Supporting Students - Reviewing the Basics #mtbos30 #mtbos #alg2chat

May 23, 16

@PamLPatterson @druinok @mathymeg07 @Fouss I have a copy of CME and use it as reference. My map is close to this

May 23, 16

@druinok I don't use a textbook or INB. Kids have binders. All my slides are on

May 23, 16

@crstn85 @druinok @PamLPatterson @Fouss Me too on trig first. Here's my year week-by-week:

May 21, 16

Annual @Desmos Precalc Graphing Art Projects from @cvcschool

May 21, 16

Trig Graph T-Shirt Project for Pre-Cal/Trig

May 19, 16

Escape Room - Classroom Style #MTBoS

May 15, 16

This sparked the best discussions I've heard in my class #MTBoS @ExploreMTBoS
Update made to

May 12, 16

.@Fouss Entry Log prop practice that reinforces "exponential number sense". from Foerster

May 12, 16

Two truths & a lie with trig functions. Ss also created their own! #realFlippedClass #mtbos

May 07, 16

Awfully nice of @mrsforest to give us ten ideas for the last week of class.

May 05, 16

If you're looking for interactive notebook resources for geometry, I found an awesome blog for you!

May 03, 16

#MTBoS30 #MTBoS Getting my grove on, Polar Graphing, Desmos, and Collaboration

May 02, 16

Check out this @Desmos activity: Gateway to Quadratics! @alicekeeler @PeaceLoveMHeine @mathdiana @R_H_Steele

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