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Kristen Fouss

Kristen Fouss's Public Library

Nov 26, 15

A few new blogposts about @desmos #activitybuilder. I'm sure more posts are happening BUT WHERE?!? #mtbos #mathchat

Nov 24, 15

Shelley Carranza’s Top Four Tips for Activity Builder - by Dan Meyer Shelley Carranza is a math coach in...

Nov 23, 15

Please RT: Teacher planner for Google Apps is free forever! #gafe #edtech #edchat #EDU15

Great Job @Fouss with GAFE in the math classroom, even this old dog learned some new tricks. #ahsmathrules #gafesummit
Nov 18, 15

Hot Read-Alikes for “Maze Runner” and “Mockingjay” Film Fans | Media Mania

Nov 17, 15

New blog post on Drawing on Math: Sine and Cosine Waves with Activity Builder

Nov 15, 15

Mathematicians Protest Starbucks "War On Fractals" via @Fractal_Man #mathchat

@Fouss thank you

Dressed up for our Veterans Day Celebration
Nov 12, 15

Ever wondered why you love the songs you do? A little #math might be able to explain: (via @WashingtonPost)

Nov 12, 15

Ooh, I want to do this from @stcarranza!! Intro to trig graphing with Desmos Activity Builder cc: @bronilo16

Nov 11, 15

My #Desmos Activity Builder post #MtBos #1TMCthing #mtmath

Nov 10, 15

Yeah! The @IllustrateMath HS blueprints are finished.

Nov 10, 15

I think I found our department t-shirt! @bronilo16 @wdsquared @clemons_suzanne

Nov 09, 15

Algebra 2 Transformations Unit, Starring Desmos Teacher Activities via @jreulbach awesome activity! #wfuedu717

Nov 08, 15

I love how you put the answers on the board “scrambled”. Great idea!
@JFinneyfrock #alg2chat

Nov 07, 15

Great source of interesting problems from the competition my students attended yesterday. #MTBoS

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