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Kristen Fouss

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May 28, 15

Quozio is a handy website for making quotes look stylish:

Cost of living, 1938.
May 26, 15

Check out @viemath's warmup routine – stealing daily from all the fun the Internet has to offer.

May 26, 15

@ddmeyer @viemath I made a filling cabinet of warm up activities here:

May 25, 15

"Smooth fractals" = key to visualizing a baffling shape John Nash proved exists 60 years ago

May 22, 15

.@alicekeeler Hi Alice, Saw this blog post, thanks so much: How did you learn about this? #doesnotseemobvious

I used wordle to give my students a permanent end of the year gift of two nice things from their classmates. Love!
May 19, 15

Today's #TEDTalksTuesday is titled "The Mathematics of History", and it is #awesome.


May 18, 15

Why Even ‘Good’ Schools Benefit From Trying Fresh Ideas

May 10, 15

I'm beyond happy. My geometry kids got a 90% avg. on this super conceptual trig test #geomchat

May 08, 15

Thousands of Elementary School Math Practice Activities Aligned to Common Core Standards

If 5^t=m show that 5^(3t-2)=(m^3)/25 #PARCC #mathchat #SATPrep #Algebra #Exponents @MathCurmudgeon @suevanhattum @PDCorner @sciam @MoMath1
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