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Apr 29, 16

Teaching Arithmetic series- From Fist Bumps to Formulas for Series via @jreulbach

Apr 28, 16

Woke up with this in my head: #mtbos Give it a try: Scavenger Hunt on #MTBoS

Apr 19, 16

Check out this @Desmos activity: Polar Graphing Investigation!

Apr 18, 16

Curry's record: An outlier that defies most comparisons #dataviz by @KevinQ @driven_by_data

Apr 11, 16

What I keep saying... "Want to land one of 2015's best jobs? Study math" via @usatodaycollege

Apr 11, 16

Prob. of a hole-in-one on par 3= 1: 12,500 Today 3 pros aced on 16 at the Masters. What're THOSE odds?! #NCTMannual

Apr 11, 16

Baseball is back, time for some MLB math? When a pitcher makes $217 mil over 7 yrs how much does he make per pitch?

Apr 11, 16

Daily routines of famous people: Freud, Beethoven, Mozart & Kafka:

Apr 01, 16

Check out this @Desmos activity: Graphing Trig Fns!

Mar 31, 16

Love these last five minutes of class ideas from @fractionfanatic!

Mar 30, 16

A post where I finally get what @gwaddellnvhs, @k8nowak and @samjshah meant with "it's all lines": cc:@math8_teacher

Mar 25, 16

A lovely angle puzzle

Mar 21, 16

How To Play Outside: 50 Things For 'Digital Kids' To Do | @scoopit

Mar 18, 16

@Fouss Follow here.

Mar 18, 16

The person talking is the one who is learning... What are these students bringing to the "math table?"

Mar 17, 16

Trig Stations with QR Codes and Booklets. #alg2chat #mtbos

Mar 15, 16

#PiDay Amazing formula: calculate any digit of Pi without knowing any preceding digits.

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