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Kristen Fouss

Kristen Fouss's Public Library

Experiential Geography

@Fouss Turning 40 means you now know how awesome and powerful you are. Wait till 50. Awesome powerful and other stuff.
Oct 02, 15

@Fouss "educated guess and check" also just mixed them in on first day, so a=1 became a special "easy" case.

Oct 01, 15

Do you love fractals! Read “Fractals as Photographs” in Math Horizons.

Sep 25, 15

@mathymeg07 @eluberoff @Desmos Going very slowly in Alg2! And, I used YOUR awesome graph!!

@Fouss @Trianglemancsd Long press the table header color swatch. Then you can make the table points movable:
Sep 23, 15

If you have some free time and want to play polygraph rational functions with our precalc h class, here you go!

Grandparents' Day in Mrs. Mays' Room

Bart's Infinite Chalkboard Punishment: the Koch Curve!
Sep 21, 15

@jreulbach @BridgetDunbar @wmukluk @ddmeyer Check out Open Middle ideas: is one example

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