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Kenyth Zeng

Kenyth Zeng's Public Library

May 17, 15

"many entrepreneurs focus only on short-term growth. They have an excuse: growth is easy to measure, but durabili...

May 15, 15

凤姐这篇真的不错,看后对她整个人都改观(虽然以前也不讨厌她)。做这篇采访的同事也说她人很nice, patient and helpful. 简直路人转粉~

May 14, 15

赞!耶鲁大学发布了Map of Life移动应用,6种语言: ,免费,帮助观察、发现、辨识、记录生活中遇到的一切生物物种。该App基于Map of Life网站庞大的物种数据库(。

May 12, 15

Supplement your goodbye to Mad Men with this Google Play retrospective

May 10, 15

When Einstein met the Indian polymath Tagore, born on this day in 1861—remarkable conversation

May 01, 15


Apr 13, 15

"Mad Men" episode 8: The divorce may be settled, but it's never over:

Apr 10, 15

First Look at the Aivvy Q—Headphones That Learn Your Musical Preferences

Apr 08, 15

From Apple II to Apple Watch: A Timeline of Apple’s Iconic Product Launches via @BonnieSCha

Apr 08, 15

Apple Watch: the definitive review

Apr 08, 15

Apple Watch is the best smartwatch on the market. Our big review:

Mar 30, 15

Using lots of media devices at once makes your brain shrink

Mar 29, 15

UI, UX: Who does what? A designer's guide to the tech industry:

Mar 29, 15

Here's why some people are saying there's a tech bubble

Mar 27, 15

Einstein's advice to Marie Curie on dealing with trolls

Mar 27, 15

Twitter's Periscope app lets you livestream your world

Mar 26, 15

Why the Internet of Things is a privacy and security nightmare

Mar 26, 15

5 surprising insights about Steve Jobs' management style

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