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Kenyth Zeng

Kenyth Zeng's Public Library

Aug 25, 15

白嫩美胸Cindy #颜浅浅 26P

Aug 25, 15

SPAM 【黎平述洞】“以巨木埋地作楼,高数丈,歌者夜则缘宿其上”,述洞独柱鼓楼开创了鼓楼建筑形式之先河。述洞独柱鼓楼始建于明崇祯九年(1636年),为纯木结构建筑,七层

Aug 18, 15

The biggest mistakes people make when choosing a life partner

Aug 15, 15

好弟兄 @foxtao 做的最近很火的中国高铁地图,原版分享:

Aug 05, 15

神经病是自由意志,哲学是错觉。RT @songma: 神经病是本我,哲学是超我。

Aug 04, 15

This is how your body recovers once you smoke your last cigarette. The 1 year result is crazy!

Jul 26, 15

. @twitter is deleting stolen jokes on copyright grounds

Jul 26, 15

Jack Dorsey blows my mind

Jul 26, 15

索尼是如何审查《像素大战》来取悦中国的 Special Report: How Sony sanitized Adam Sandler movie to please Chinese censors

Jul 21, 15

so yeah I interviewed Wikipedia founder @Jimmy_Wales about social network/mobile company The People's Operator

Jul 21, 15

Cusby adapters give you the building blocks to adjust to USB-C

Jul 20, 15

The connected home needs HomeKit and Project Brillo as soon as possible

Jul 18, 15

The life-changing magic of having Marie Kondo organize your office:

Jul 16, 15

The life-changing magic of having Marie Kondo organize your office:

Jul 15, 15

These stunning images of China's terraced rice patties show the fusion of man and nature

Jul 15, 15

Google launches Eddystone, its platform-agnostic iBeacon competitor

Jul 15, 15

没什么好担心的了,2D,3D,3D IMAX,至少要刷三遍 “@unclenine: 山口山预告片TC”

Jul 15, 15

Google页库存档是个好东西_(:з」∠)_ #优衣库

Jul 09, 15

Due to a strike there will be no Tube from approx 6pm today and all day Thursday, check: #TubeStrike

Jul 03, 15

What is Zero UI—and why is it crucial to the future of design?

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