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Kenyth Zeng

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14 Apr 14

加拿大互联网创业公司招聘国内开发团队,弹性工作制。产品方向为面向北美市场的电商辅助工具。求推荐深圳地区的Nodejs和前端工程师 via @virushuo + @gokeeper

在迪斯尼排队的体会:原来这个世界上还真有人用 iOS 时,正常退出程序都是用“双击 HOME + 向上推出”的方法的……难怪那些清内存的 App 也有人买单。

钱花了可以赚,节操丢了却无解 RT @godspeedguo: 好吧 虽然我不喜欢当当,但折扣太诱人了。#没原则 RT @unclenine: 4月15日,当当网图书5折封顶,电子书全场免费。
11 Apr 14

Good read: The evolving purpose of design @GlenWM5440 talks with @curiousoctopus

11 Apr 14

"Writing and reading… deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: they feed the soul." Happy 60th, @ANNELAMOTT!

11 Apr 14

Mesos 0.18.0 has been released! Features new containerizer API #Mesos

Crohn's disease seems to be common among founders. Is there a correlation, or is it just more common than I realize?
08 Apr 14

Everything to know about iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 (Roundup + New Details)

“If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's.” ~Joseph Campbell
08 Apr 14

Openssl 0day, may expose session data from servers / clients. Patch your stuff:

關於財富的兩極分化:作者說,根據馬克思資本論,資本主義會讓有錢人更加有錢,然而 40 年前的 500 強現在只剩下不到 50 家仍在 500 強,這說明自然選擇是有效的制衡。搞笑的是,能堅持 40 年的 500 強企業更多來自於社會主義國家,說明社會主義國家更保護國內寡頭。




E-Cigarettes are clearly a gateway drug to 'harder' electronic devices, such as televisions, microwaves and fridge-freezers.
05 Apr 14

Apple documents showed concern for declining iPhone sales, need for bigger screens

04 Apr 14

想要判断文本的语言, 比较准确,每天5000次以下免费

How do you shit?
04 Apr 14

Sketched this yesterday at that famous Georgetown muddy landmark the ditch full 'o' garbage.

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