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Kenyth Zeng

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Sep 19, 16


Sep 19, 16

Shenzhen is making hardware like Silicon Valley makes apps

Sep 19, 16

I guess someone doesn’t know how this Tweet stuff works.

Sep 19, 16

What election? Information about Hong Kong’s historic vote is blocked or censored in China

Sep 19, 16

London's subway now runs all night, so why doesn't yours?

Sep 19, 16

Jul 26, 16

感谢集成开发环境大厂 JetBrains 对 V2EX 的赞助

Jul 13, 16

This Anti-Gravity iPhone Case lets you go hands-free virtually anywhere

Jul 13, 16

BREAKING: China has no historic rights to South China Sea resources, ruling finds

Jul 11, 16

Warren Buffett loves to play the ukulele. He asked me to sing along in our first #VR video:

Jun 25, 16

Democracies less resistant to nationalism. Authoritarians only allow nationalism they can control.

Jun 25, 16

Very true. Will be worrisome to them. UK did slightly offset that puzzling Continental obsession with privacy.

Jun 22, 16

Who's Allen Zhang and why he may matter way more than Mark Zuckerberg

Jun 22, 16

Photo reveals that even Mark Zuckerberg puts tape over his webcam

Jun 20, 16

iMessage apps in iOS 10 will have subscriptions, and they'll be a lot like native apps

Jun 17, 16

铜锣湾书店林荣基:电视认罪“有导演有台词”: 他还说,铜锣湾书店股东李波是被中国执法人员“跨境执法”从香港捉拿带走的。这与李波本人说法不同。他还指责北京违反一国两制。

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