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Kenyth Zeng

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about 11 hours ago

What is Zero UI—and why is it crucial to the future of design?

Jun 25, 15

France is going apoplectic and apocalyptic over Uber.

Jun 25, 15

How psychosurgeons use lasers to burn away mental illness

Jun 18, 15

Scientists make Thrombosis-on-Chip to test novel blood clot treatments

Jun 09, 15

Goodbye, roaming charges. The borderless SIM is finally here

Jun 09, 15

I never wanted a scooter until I met the Gogoro

Jun 09, 15

「Apple announces the winners of the 2015 Design Award at WWDC」- #junyureads

Jun 09, 15

准备Y Combinator面试的网站。。。其实对于创业的人来讲,能回答好这些问题,对自我成长也有帮助。

Jun 09, 15

Good read: My icon design workflow -

Jun 09, 15

Square's new reader is also wireless (with a great battery)! Check out this farmer selling on the side of the road!

Jun 09, 15

Industrial design on the new Square NFC Apple Pay reader is straight up gorgeous.
I want to leave my cards behind and pay with my phone (and ⌚️) everywhere! We are working hard to make that possible:

Jun 09, 15

Square + Apple Pay: from buyer to seller, everywhere!

Jun 09, 15

"Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated." - Paul Rand

Jun 09, 15

Swift 2!

New error handling model, Swift-er SDKs, availability checking, and open source.

Jun 09, 15

iOS 9 API Diffs:

Jun 08, 15

Popcorn Time gets a smutty sibling – Porn Time

Jun 01, 15


May 17, 15

"many entrepreneurs focus only on short-term growth. They have an excuse: growth is easy to measure, but durabili...

May 15, 15

凤姐这篇真的不错,看后对她整个人都改观(虽然以前也不讨厌她)。做这篇采访的同事也说她人很nice, patient and helpful. 简直路人转粉~

May 14, 15

赞!耶鲁大学发布了Map of Life移动应用,6种语言: ,免费,帮助观察、发现、辨识、记录生活中遇到的一切生物物种。该App基于Map of Life网站庞大的物种数据库(。

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