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  • In the double-pass natural technique, the coffee has had a considerable time drying with its full skin intact, on the tree. But it is laid out on the patio with the skin removed, and the darkened mucilage layer now all that is attached to the parchment shell around the green bean. How this affects the taste I am not sure. But the cup quality shouts out natural in all regards, and seems to be producing a sweet and uniform coffee in the vein of a typical dry-processed cup.
  • Other origins are achieving this result in a laborious hand method they can raisin coffee, where ripe cherries are picked and allowed to dry until the skin and mucilage is pruney and tough, but not a true dried pod. Then they are hand peeling the cherries, since it cannot be run through a typical pulper.

  • creating space can seem passive or even weak. For them, strong leadership is all about executing a plan. Plans are, of course, always needed, but without openness people can miss what is emerging, like a sailor so committed to his initial course that he won’t adjust to shifts in the wind. Even more to the point, the conscious acts of creating space, of engaging people in genuine questions, and of convening around a clear intention with no hidden agenda, creates a very different type of energy from that which arises from seeking to get people committed to your plan.
Aug 14, 15

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